Nathalie Koah Was Not In A Sexual Triangle With Goleador Samuel Eto'o And Fally Ipupa After All As Was Alleged By Social Media ! Hum Wonders

Nathalie Koah Was Not In A Sexual Triangle With Goleador Samuel Eto'o And Fally Ipupa After All As Was Alleged By Social Media ! Hum Wonders

A new twist in the Samuel Eto'o-Nathalie Koah ruptured romance one year after the publication of Nathalie's side of the story in her banned book 'Revenge Porn',  Fally Ipupa, who is said to have been the center of the dramatic split between the Socialite and the Goleador has come out clean, saying he and the Socialite were never in any kind of dating relationship, confirming what the Socialite told the world from the start of the sex game show.

Image result for images of Fally Ipupa and Nathalie Koah
Photo of Fally Ipupa and Nathalie Koah that surfaced online in 2014

In 2014, photos of Nathalie Koah and Fally Ipupa in bed surfaced online, while Nathalie was  Samuel Eto's patootie. The goleador got furious and jealoused seeing these photos, because he and Fally were great pals then. He immediately cut off all links with Fally, before brutally forcing the lie-truth out of the throat of his inamorata through brutality.

According to Nathalie, she accepted to her then beau Samuel Eto'o that she and Fally Ipupa were dating to free herself from his aggressive grips. "My phones were seized at the Gendarmerie Headquarters for investigations, and four days later, Samuel contacted me from London, reciting all my conversations with Fally. He asked me to join him in London". The Socialite revealed at that time. She continued that "when I got to London, he brutalized me. He beat me up and pushed me against the toilet door, asking if I was dating Fally. He insisted that I must admit I have a relationship with Fally. I told him I cannot admit something that is not true. Fally is just a friend, and he knows that very well. With his Ipad, he took naked photos of me, asking me to admit and confess that I was dating Fally. Since I was under pressure, I had to accept that I and Fally were in a relationship, so that he could leave me alone".

Rumors said it was these unclad photos that Eto'o took with his Ipad, that went viral online to shame his cheating babe, and that was how the whole palaver between him and Miss Koah caught the attention of the world. This whole drama worked favorably for Miss Koah instead, because it became the ladder she used to climb quickly to the fame and status of a high societal lady which she rocks today.

Samuel and Fally seemed to be cool with each other, despite rumors of them being at loggerhead with each other, as both men were pictured together sometime in August last year, when Samuel Eto’o, went to Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, to attend a basketball camp organized by NBA star, Serge Ibaka
Related imageSamuel Eto’o & Fally Ipupa Reconcile After Fall Out Over Mistress (Photos)
Fally, Eto'o and Serge Ibaka pictured together last August 

Three years from when the whole show started, Fally Ipupa who denied haven anything sexual to do with the Soccer Star's ex-mistress,  still stands his grounds, confirming that he and the Socialite had never been into any carnal affair.

Invited to the 'Radio Nostalgie' programme 'Rien a cacher' last weekend, the Congolese singer said 'There had never been war between Eto'o and myself so we cannot talk of reconciliation. The tension that was alleged was only on the net. The pictures that were published were not mine. It was a crazy photoshop. Internet has come to promote rubbish.I do not naked myself like that and ask a girl to snap me. Why should I do that? When you search Fally online, you will see so many crazy things that have been attributed to me. I don't get into such nonsense'. Fally told his host of the programme Yves de Mballa

With these declarations of Fally, people finally understood that Samuel got entangled in a web setup, probably by his detractors, who just wanted to open up his relationship with his ex honey-bunch to the world and disgraced him. In reality, they succeeded in making shit out of his ignorance, and he is still suffering from the consequences of today.

While Miss Koah on her part is on her way to the sky, taking advantage of the golden doors the scandal opened up for her, and is inscribing her name among the most popular influential and richest young entrepreneur in the making.

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