Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo Blasts SDF's Decision Of Boycotting 20th May 2017 Celebration And Says It is Their Cup Of Tea

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Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo Blasts SDF's Decision Of Boycotting 20th May 2017 Celebration And Says It is Their Cup Of Tea

The Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM), through its National Communication Secretary who is also the Minister of Higher Education Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo has reacted to SDF's decision to boycott the upcoming National day Celebrations on 20th May.

According to Prof. Fame Ndongo, Ni John's decision is very much welcome in a democratic country like Cameroon, where every opposition party has the right to express its opinion. He went ahead to say the Social Democratic Front is responsible for its decision and the outcome, because National Unity is for all.

Interviewed by the 'Cameroon Tribune' newspaper on kiosk this day Wednesday May 10 2017, Fame Ndongo said 'A republic has sacred principles that all republican parties must strictly respect. I don't think a call to boycott the National day celebration(which is not the celebration of a political regime or the ruling party) is a political pride or achievement activated by whatever party. One needs to just go through the history of nations or political institutions to understand that it is not a glorious fact, since the national day belongs to all citizens, including those who decides to boycott celebrations for reasons only known to them.

Besides, the national day is to treated as a major event in the life of our nation(referendum of 20th may 1972 being dedicated to the historic birth of the Unitary State)". Prof. Jacques Fame explained.

To him, 'each political party has the pleasure to freely express its opinion in Cameroon. CPDM militants, republican parties will take part in the march pass with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor through out the national territory on the 20th of May 2017 as its the usual tradition without fear of any call from this or that party. They will express with patriotism their unwavering commitment to democracy, sovereignty and national unity"

So whether SDF decides to boycott the celebrations or not, other political parties will answer present in their numbers, so their choice is their cup of tea. Remember Paul Biya once said 'we shall all pass, but Cameroon will stay'.

SDF's decision to boycott 20th May celebrations according to the party Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi is due to the fact that government has refused to engage in a frank and fair dialogue with the anglophone community who are being marginalized, and have failed to provide solutions in the ongoing crisis.

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