In Those Days Makossa Show Boy of the 90's 'Njoume Maurice' Sets His Family Resident Ablaze

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In those days  show-boy of the 90's Njoume Maurice has set their family resident at ablaze, following misunderstanding between him and his siblings.

Sources say the 'Maimouna' singer was fed-up of being called a baster in his own father's house, where he had built a house on a piece of land that his father offered his mother.

The shocking  incident happened on Tuesday May 16 2017 at Quarter 10 Mbanga, and  neighbours say they are speechless witnessing such broad day witchcraft. 'He dare put fire like that, what if it had spread to other neighbouring houses, where would he have been to answer for it? Such an act is dangerous'. A neighbour cried out.

A niece to the artist told pressmen that no one understood what came over their brother, but from every indication he over reacted in anger. 'My elder brother had planted a small flower here in-front of the compound. Our father(Njoume Maurice's step father) came on Monday and uprooted the flower. When my elder asked why he did that, he rudely replied by throwing his hands behind his ear. My elder brother got angry, and decided to disconnect lights in the compound in the absence of my father. When my father came back around 4 a.m and saw that there was no light, he questioned why, because he  had paid electricity bill. He started threatening to burn down the house, even though we were not taking him seriously'. The niece narrated.

Around 7 a.m in the morning that fateful Tuesday, Njoume Maurice went out and returned with a jug of fuel, that he threw all round in and outside the house, calling on everyone to come out of the house before he sets it to flames. Like a joke, he pressed the lighter, and lo and yes, fire zoomed up.

While local rescuers tried to put off the angry flames, Mpackato(real name of Njoume Maurice) was laughing at them, boasting that he ignited the flames, and that the flames will consume them.

Telling his own side of the story the remorseless artist said: 'My mother is Baloum and my father Bamenda. I don't know what happened, he offered a piece of land to my mother, and I built a house on. Now it is creating problems because they say I am Bamenda. Everyday I receive insults from my half brothers who tells me we are not from the same father. Ease yourself in your house, and when you drink, urinate on your body because you are a Bamenda man. Leave us alone, this is not your home. I got fedup with all these, and did what I did'. 

Before setting the house ablaze, Njoume Maurice took out his guitar, and his golden disc, which are his most treasured assets, and is presenting squatting with a softhearted neighbour.


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