Elephant Dance At The University Of Douala Between The Rector And The Administrative And Finance Director Drags President Paul Biya To The Scene

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Administrative positions and offices have been turn to battle grounds of supremacy, where some individuals use their positions of authority to settle personal scores.

In a recent conflict between the Rector of the University of Douala Prof.  François Xavier Etoa and the Administrative and Finance Director(DAF) Emmanuel Banga Kollo, where the later is being accused of 'gross insubordination, and obstruction of the proper functioning of the  University', the Rector decided to suspend his DAF, without following the disciplinary procedures, and the DAF too is not willing to accept the Rector's decision.

The DAF has called on the Head of State Paul Biya, to intervene  in the matter, saying the Rector is just plotting to get his head over nothing.

Reporting on the conflict, 'Le Jour' newspaper of today Monday May 8 2017  on kiosk,  in a letter to the Head  of State on April 27th 2017, the DAF says  his suspension by the Rector is an 'orchestrated plot' to flush him out of the University circuit, so as to 'eliminate his management of the affairs'  which President Paul Biya appointed him to carry out.

As a reminder, in February 2017, the Rector of the said University decided to verbally suspend the DAF, in an elephant battle that both men have refused to let the world know  its cause. 

As if that was not enough, the Rector still went ahead and sealed the DAF'S office on Feb. 6, 2017.  On April 12 2017, the Rector signed a second decision note, suspending Emmanuel Banga Kollo from his position as DAF of the University of Douala.

On his part, the DAF says the Rector had relieved him off his functions concerning Finance and Administration since April 2016, after which the Rector signed a Note, appointing the Head of the Budgets and Financial Services interim DAF, despite his presence in the University.

In his letter to the Head of State, Emmanuel Banga Kollo says the decision to suspend him from his functions by the Rector, is 'not the outcome of any discipline proceedings'. 'Even if I had committed a professional crime, the Rector should have gone through the usual disciplinary procedures like a query letter, observation letter, warning, blame, or the disciplinary council. But he just went against all these procedures and took the decision to suspend me'. The DAF wrote.

Whatever the bone of contention is, we hope the students will not suffer the consequences in these fight of the elephants. 

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