Can Confession Liberate You? Man Uses Wife's Menstrual Napkins to Gain Wealth And Promotion At Work

Married for close to twenty years to Anna Mbougho, Mr. Jacob Kum was a Senior Manager with the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) Palm Estate.

Twenty years of marriage without children, the wealthy couple had gone round the world to visit the best gynecologists, men of God and native doctors all in a bid to get just one child to no avail.

In 2012, Mr. Kum ran naked under the sun and for three years he kept shouting, 'I will confess, I will Confess'.

Can Confession Liberate You?   Man Uses Wife's Menstrual Napkins to Gain Wealth

Each time he tried to say anything relating to his confession, his madness grew wild and so he suffered like this for many years, lost his job because in his madness he resigned. His wife sold everything they had to get healing for her husband, until they finally became wretched.

Surprisingly, in his wretchedness, he mystically got healed of his madness.

Earlier last year, his wife traveled to Nigeria to meet one prominent Man of God, because according to her, she had sought help everywhere to no avail, and because she was innocent, she believed God will use the Man of God to give her the answers she has been looking for.

Fortunately for her, God saw her tears, and the Man of God called her from the crowd, and told her that the 'solutions to her tears were in the hands of her mad husband'.

Upon returning to the country, she summoned her in-laws and relatives, and told them the revelations of the Man of God about her husband.

She threatened to abandon him  if he kept hiding his secret deeds from them. 

On his knees, Mr. Kum cried for forgiveness and narrated what led to his actual condition.  He confessed that in "1998, after he met his wife, he entered into a secret cult, to have powers, position and authority.

His second month in the cult pushed him to the position of a Field Assistant, from his ordinary accounts clerk position. 

Six months later he was promoted to the position of the Assistant Manager in one of CDC's Estates and within a year he was made the Estate Manager".

He gained the necessary powers, position and the societal fame he wanted, and became relatively wealthy, commanding his destiny and standing financially tall above his mates.

Everyone listened to him attentively, and then he stopped and broke down into tears, but he was encouraged to speak up by his brother.

After a while he continued that  "when his friend and colleague one late Mr. Barnabas Etchu took him to the cult, he didn't tell him that there were inhuman conditions involved.

He said the cult instructed him to use his wife's menstrual napkins each month to accrue his power. The cult insisted that he makes love with his wife through out her monthly flow.

Each month when it was time for his wife to menstruate, he will offer her a perfume from the cult house, and when she sprays it, she won't remember anything that he does to her during that period.

He will make love to her when she is unconscious,  pull out the mixture of his sperm and her blood after the act, put the liquid in a container and take to their occult house together with a soaked menstrual towel that she had used all day.

He will replace her napkin with a clean one after the act, and will take the soaked one,  together with mixture of blood and sperm to their meeting place. 

The liquid will be mixed with another brownish liquid and he will be made to drink it, and the rest will be kept inside a clay pot that had his name inscribed on. That way, his wife could never get pregnant, but he will walk his way up to fame and greatness.

Comfortable and satisfied with all the goodies her husband's sudden rise to power have brought into her life and their home, but also unhappy for her inability to have children, Mrs. Kum started praying like never before. Her prayers were so strong that they began affecting her husband's every action. She would pray and fast, and this will neutralize every power and effect the monthly perfume gift her husband offered had on her.

When he saw that her persistent prayers began affecting him he ran back to the cult house and reported that he couldn't have access to his wife's blood again.

The cult members warned him to avoid his wife, for she might destroy him, but however, advised him to look for a virgin girl, and made sure no one but himself slept with the girl. 

He met Sophie 15 years, who lied to him that she was a virgin. He gave her everything to make her comfortable, because he didn't want any other man to attract her attention.

Within three months into the relationship with her, things began capsizing for him. His car crashed mysteriously, he began having problems with Decision Markers of the company, and everything began falling apart for him.

He ran back to their cult house cult house, and there he was told  Sophie wasn't a virgin, and that she had started sleeping with men earlier. 

That same day,  he was struck with madness right inside the cult house, and that is how he found himself in the position he is today ".

His emotions were high to the level that his pressure climbed and he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, were he regained consciousness some few days later.

His wife took him to see the Man of God, where he repented and as I write, he and his wife just threw a big party to celebrate the birth of their son. He is a strong christian now and uses himself as a lesson to men who thinks money and power is what makes a man.

"You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy".

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