Cameroon's Own Kibone Nfi Dominating The Fashion World In New York

Cameroonian US based Fashion Designer Kibone Nfi, CEO of Kibonen NY Fashion, is making it big time out there in US, raising her flag among Africa's Best and Biggest Fashion Designer.

Her African designs are handwoven to portray the beauty of the African Fashion, and the world is astonished at how captivating her craftwork is dominating, and how well it blends with the fashion trend of the industry.

Holder of a Masters degree in International trade and marketing from New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, Kibone is  counting Hollywood Actress and Africa's root pride beauty Lupita Nyongo, as one of her VIPs and regular clients, which is a sign that African Fashion is already stamped in Nollywood.
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Lupita rocking a Kibone Design
Nfi her inspirations with South African Siyabonga Sithole, during the Love World Festival of Music and Arts, that took place in South Africa last April 2017 where she spoke of  making her mark in America through her creative flair for African fashion.
You were in South Africa recently, what brought you here in the first place, and was this your first trip to the country?
I was in South Africa for the Love World Festival of Music and Arts, which celebrates and works to discover new talent to be exported to the world.
I had an exhibition stand where I sold my products. I have previously visited South Africa and participated at African Fashion International’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa.
You recently dressed one of the continent’s favourite film stars, LupitaNyong’o. Tell us about this experience.
That was a blessing straight from above. I cannot even get that glory.
Lupita’s stylist approached me in 2015 and it did not work out.
I have always loved Lupita and I always appreciated that she stood for black and African women chasing her dreams in the US.
I always nursed a dream of dressing her because her style is reflected in my designs. I prayed that I would dress her and the Lord delivered it to me on a plate.
I felt like a miracle baby and I was so blessed, as this gave me a lot of visibility and resulted in orders which I am very grateful for. I know more collaborations are on their way.
What inspires your creations?
I am inspired by culture, moods, the word of God, situations and experiences.
I love confluence – blending things to come up with a masterpiece
What were some of the challenges of being an African fashion designer on the world stage?
Defining my path was a huge challenge, finding my feet and financially it was very tasking.
Also, getting the right team was not easy. There comes a point when you have tried everything you can on your own and you need supernatural help.
Once you find that help, it becomes a great walk.
You have broken into the international fashion industry, which is a rather difficult market to penetrate, please tell us about some of the struggles of trying to break into the American market?
You have to define your client to the full. You have to stay consistent and you have to be excessively pushy.
Above all, you have to have a relationship with God. Only He can do what no man can do and expose you to where He knows you deserve to be with the talent.
I have had God’s favour and glory manifest greatly in my life and I do not take it for granted. It has never been by my might or my power but since I submitted myself to His Lordship, it has been supernatural.
Where to from here, as far as your brand and the vision behind the brand is concerned?
We are working on retail outlets and collaborations with bigger fashion brands and brand ambassadors
What has been the biggest highlight for Kibonen Nfi so far?
Every day is supernatural in that every day brings different and new realities and we are just very blessed. So much in the pipeline to be revealed soon.

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