Business People In Douala Launch Petition Against Their Chinese Counterpart Because Of Discriminatory Domination In The Market

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Business People In Douala Launch Petition Against Their Chinese Counterpart Because Of Discriminatory Domination In The Market

Business men and women of the Economic capital city of Douala have written a petition against their Chinese counterparts, accusing them of spoiling the market, by selling at relatively odd prices, since they have the monopoly of the market. They also say the Chinese Embassy is refusing  to issue them business visas as well, because the officials feel they must buy from Chinese wholesalers in the country..

'Le Jour' newspaper of 5th May 2017  reporting on the grievances of the the business men and women say 'Chinese Importers are refusing to sell their goods to Cameroonian Nationals, and prefer to give it to their Chinese brothers, so that Cameroonians completely go out of the market' situated at Akwa.

Locals only get goods after Chinese have chosen the best, at a relatively high rate, and because they want to keep business going, they have no choice than to buy them at the exaggerated high prices.

They also complain that Chinese wholesalers  sell goods at whole sale prices to Cameroonian retailers, at an unaffordable rate to discourage them from buying, so that they(Chinese) will dominate the market.

With all these practices, many Cameroonians have fallen out of stock, and are finding it hard to make ends meet in their businesses.

They have decided to take their destiny into their hands, by insisting that Chinese should remain on wholesale front, and not intervene on the retailing floor, because that is the initial base of their agreements. 

The issue of the Chinese Embassy refusing to issue Cameroonians Business Vissa to go and replenish their stock is a serious concern. The paper reports that Visa issuing authorities always refuse Cameroonians visas, and refer them to the discriminatory Chinese wholesalers in Cameroon.

This conflicting situation resulted in a serious fight last week in the Chinese market, and Cameroonian business people have launched a petition with 100 signatures against the Chinese, asking the government to bring the Chinese to order, by making the cooperation a win-win for both parties.

Another important point is the fact that, when they buy from Chinese, they are not given official receipts. Chinese receipts do not have information like the tax payer's number, Business Registration number, address of the seller, or even Tax information, which simple means the government is hard on Cameroonians and soft on the Chinese, and the business people say this must stop.

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