BIR Element Stabs Two Prostitutes To Death Because Of 9 000 F CFA Change

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The population of Elf Axe Lourde are still in consternation over the terrible incident that happened at the renowned spot in their locality, where commercial sex workers of all age sell their services to men of different age and caliber as well.

On the dawn of April 27th to 28th  2017, a member of the Rapid Intervention Squad of the Military popularly known as BIR was saved by his colleagues from the rage of a mob, after he stabbed two commercial sex workers to death and seriously injured one, who was his paid crush.

Reports say the BIR element by name Winga Goulotte Daniel had returned to Douala from an escort mission from Limbe together with his three senior colleagues Captain Anaba Onana Alain Raoul, 2nd Class Soldiers Nkoa Ferdinand and Wang Namou, and all four men decided to go and have some joie de vivre moments at  'Elf Axe Lourd', on the highwayexit of Douala  to Edea, a  24/7 joint where call girls of all ages market their services at all prices to whoever came buying.

After taking some solid dose of alcohol Winga Goulotte Daniel got his own strumpet at about 3 a.m in the morning for a bed ride at the cost of 1000 F CFA, (less than 2 USD). 

After the ride, instead of paying the 1000 F CFA as agreed, he removed 10 000 F CFA gave it to his  chippy, and asked her to look for change and bring over his balance of 9 000 F CFA. 

Not able to look around for change at that hour, the cocotte gave the money to the receptionist of the Brothel where they lodged for her services, and asked him to help out with the change issue.

The Brothel guy too on his part took the money, and never brought back the change, nor was his presence felt again, and since it was already almost dawn, the scarlet woman got impatient, as she was already losing potential customers, after finishing the deal with her BIR customer, who was not the first and was not supposed to be her last customer before day break, or else her night would have fruitlessly end for her.

Had it been the BIR client earlier informed the courtesan that he had a 10 000 FCFA Note that would require change, she would have worked it out before entering inside the room with him.

Now, not only was the change issue wasting her time, the client too would not  let her go out and look for the Brothel guy, because he feared if she left, she will go and never return with his balance. 

That was how an argument erupted between the two who forgot the high moment they just spent and none of the two was ready to bark down. Their voices alerted  other night hustlers, who ran to the room to rescue their colleague, thinking she was in danger but things turned rough, as the BIR guy, seeing himself surrounded by drap queens, felt he was in greater danger instead, and removed his sword, plunged it deep inside the stomach of two of his so called aggressors, among which was an 8 months and a half pregnant woman who fell flat and died in her pool of blood.

His crush woman was lucky enough to have survived with wounds all over her, but her fingers were completely chopped off by her client's angry sword.

The  distress shouts of the harlots invited other  night surfers, who joined and pounced on BIR Winga Goulotte Daniel  to take life out of him.

When the other military men, who too were done with their sex deals came to the hot site where their colleague was at the point of death, they thought it wise to get him out of their grip for fear of the worse, and though they succeeded, the angry mob did not digest this, and the heaviest fight broke out between the remaining three uniform men and the mob, until the arrival of a police van with policemen, who finally rescued their colleagues and took them to the Gendarmerie office in Bonandjo.

BIR Winga Goulotte Daniel was later caught at the Naval Base where he had exiled himself, and report says it was a bigger fight between him and the gendarmes who arrested and put him behind bars at the Gendamerie Bonanjo, where he will be taken court and charged with 'Manslaughter'.

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