Another Jezebel From The Pit Of Hell Goes Crazy After Rubbing Shoulders With Samuel Eto'o And Brags About Kissing Him Infront Of His Wife Last Weekend

Cameroon's born International Football striker Samuel Eto'o Fils is every woman's dream man, because paradise on earth is assured, when you are his. Unfortunately Cameroonian ladies fail to understand that Eto'o is happily married to Georgette in a MONOGAMOUS  land of 'one man, one woman'. 

During his flight to Cameroon last weekend, where he was coming into the country for the Inauguration of his Donated Pavillon at the Laquintinie, he seemed to have rubbed shoulders with one Cameroonian hustler resident in France called Flore de Lille, who seem to be an 'ambulant girl'.

Fantasising about meeting Eto'o for the first time in person and rubbing shoulders with him in the presence of his wife Georgette, Flore took to youtube to make herself a 'Superstar' for haven scented Eto'os perfume.

'I am PDG, who has touched Samuel Eto'o. We kissed each other. He told that am a good person, and that I should continue like that'. Flore de Lille declared in the youtube video, that almost brought down the internet.

The self fabricated socialite who calls herself 'International PDG' vomited so much trash in her video, that might hunt her in the coming days.

Just like Marlene Emvoutou, the lady who claimed to have seen Eto'o naked in the dressing room in Malabo, and who said God was unfair to Eto'o as concerns his manhood, this 'International scarlet woman' made a name for herself through Facebook.

In her video, she brags meeting Eto'o at the airport, brandishing this unarranged encounter as an achievement that the others who claimed to have rubbed shoulders with Eto'o took ages to accomplish. 'He is someone who made me happy. I was very impressed'. The fantasying woman continued.

"It was my first time of meeting Samuel Eto'o. 'How, where and when?' At the airport for sure. I had never met him before. It was a beautiful encounter, where I even discussed with him". She continued.

Falling In Love With Him? Girl wake up from your dream. That Guy Belongs To Georgette Oh.

She even went ahead to say she kissed Samuel infront of his wife. 'Eto'o smells goooooood. Eto'o is someone very simple, always smiling'. She added.

She finished with the proverb 'the banana that will ripe must ripe' and smiling, made a pass at Eto'o in her video saying 'Samuel Eto'o is lovely. He is my passport'.

Hear her story:
"I will tell you how I met Samuel Eto'o. At the airport where I went to check in.  I  went down, and delayed a bit at the parking. While I was going back up, I saw one of his big cars, and I heard people murmuring around me that Samuel Eto'o was in the garage. As I walked further, he was right in front of me. Then his  his body guards started saying  'queen mother, here oh(talking about herself)'. As I tried to walk pass him, I said 'eeh is it Samuel Eto'o?' He greeted me and asked if all was fine with me. Then we kissed each other. We were kissing outside. He asked for how long I've  been around and I told him for  more than a week. 'And you how do you do?'. I asked him. He said he was fine.  He passed infront of me, and I was behind. The policemen wanted to control my passport, but Eto'o asked them to let me go. So I walked past the checkpoint with the name of Samuel Eto'o, without showing my passport. Samuel Eto'o has body guards, and it was these his guards who knew me. When I passed they were the first to say 'eeh queen mother is around'. My passport is Samuel Eto'o. When Eto'o was talking to me, he was relaxed and calm, as if we had known each other for long". 

Watch her video below after this one...

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