The Misery Of Working At The Presidency Of The Republic Of Cameroon. A Victim Lash Out The Truth Behind Getting A Job At The Unity Palace Of Etoudi

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Badge of the Victim

In December 2016, we reported on how workers at the Presidency were being paid their salaries in chicken change, and how the Presidency often run out of cash to pay them their minable salaries.

An ex worker at the Presidency(name with held for security reasons) who was earning 16000 F CFA monthly, for a job he and his mother borrowed 1000 000 F CFA(One Million Francs) to buy, tells the 'Misery of working' of getting a job in that demon hunted palace, where all seem rosy outside, but inside is full of unbearable fresh wooden and iron thorns.

The victim, who revealed his ordeal to investigative France based journalist Boris Bertolt has actually abandoned the job, and has fled from his harassing creditors and is thinking of life away from the Presidency.  Read his narration below,

"To work at the Presidency, apart from those whose parents  or relations work there, everyone must pay to get a  job there, through the mediation of other workers there. Some give portions of lands, others like me gave money in cash. I was asked to give 1 000 000 F CFA (One Million Francs) for my recruitment there the following month.

At that time, I was struggling as a self employed Computer Technician. I gave everything I had. My mother borrowed some money that I was to pay back once I started working. How would you even pay back  when you earn  16 000 F CFA, and you have to pay your rents and other bills that we all know? But I was atleast paying the interests, until my salary climbed from 16 to 20 000 F CFA.

My misery started. I want to underline here that 'it is this job that took me' to Yaounde. Then all of a sudden, salaries were no longer coming. The interest of the  loan my mother took  keep increasing. My creditors gave me till the end of last year to refund their money.

At the beginning of this year, the pressure on me was high. Unending phone calls were hunting my phone. This pressure forced me to write to the Secretary General at the Presidency, the Pay Master General at the Presidency and some other officials, explaining my situation to them,and proposing that they refund me my 1 000 000 F CFA for me to give it back to my creditors, in return for their badge, so that I can go back to where I came from and work on how to pay all my debts.

I know how to struggle, and I could have created a scene. I never got any reply to my letters, but I was granted audience by the Secretary of the Pay Master General,  at the request of her boss, who  listen to me better, but no action was taken. 

I left Yaounde today, because the pressure from my creditors became unvbearable, and they were already physically harassing and humiliating me in the quarter.

My phone is constantly switched off, and I am thinking of how to gather money to start up a small business that will enable me settle my debts".

This is one of the many victims, under the slavery of the Unity Palace of Yaounde, where to get a job, you must pay a price that you enslave you for the rest of your life.

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