More Than 1000 Workers At The Presidency Of La Republique Already In Their 10th Month Without Salary, At The Dawn of the International Labour Day

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'All that Glitters is not Gold' is what the youths working at the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon will tell those who envy them in their suit and prestigious badges, as they walk the streets of Yaounde on foot after work, trekking unmeasurable long kilometers from their home to work and back home.

This is confirmed on the Facebook Wall of France based Investigative Journalist Boris Bertolt, who says 1000 workers at the Presidency especially youths are in their 1oth month without salary.

Boris reports that the 1000 workers are those employed as 'Part time' workers. 

Always dressed in attractive suits, with noticeable presence at Cafe and local restaurants in  popular joints on the streets of Yaounde, these guys have only their badges, as their access strength to such places.

Boris further reports that these workers of the beautiful and luxurious Palace of Etoudi, earn between  16  to 20 000 F CFA, and the unfortunate thing about the whole truth is that even to get this money into their pockets is not easy, after labouring their lives away from Mondays to Fridays, and even on some weekends.

Boris reports that for 10 months now, these modern day slaves have not been paid a dime of their sweat, and do not not even know which door to knock to pour out their frustrations. 

One of them was recently jailed for selling out information he stole from the office of one of the men In-charge  of Special duties at the Presidency.

According to Boris, some of these workers who through perseverance without salaries, have been 'Confirmed' on the job, to work at the Presidential residence at Etoudi, and at the residences of some top government officials, working at the Presidency have never received any safety or security allowance, nor do they benefit from any social amenities, that can cover them in days of disaster or in the future.

Boris reveals that the budget for the payment of these workers is managed by a certain Ndi Fouda(who has nothing to do with the Pay Master General at the Presidency Foe Ndi), a  holder of French Secondary School certificate (BEPC) constantly absent from office, but always backed by his godfathers in the house, when the dust rises.

Most of these workers live miserably and feed from  left overs from their employers. At times they fight each other to fill their stomachs during lunch, and are always confronted with accommodation problems because 16 000 F  CFA is not even enough to transport them to work through out the month.

These slaves of Etoudi are threatened with oaths of silence, and for fear of the unknown, they prefer to cry their ordeals in the dark corners of their heavy hearts, as they watch their bosses change luxurious cars as much as they change but their toiletries.

According to Boris, the 2017 running budget for the Presidency is evaluated at 48 Billions of F CFA, and the big unanswered questions are: How can a Cameroonian  with a family working at the Presidency earn just 16 000 F CFA monthly?. What Social Securities do they have as workers of one of the most Prestigious government sites in the country? Where does the money for the running of the Presidency go to, if they can't even pay those who make it look as attractive as it is today?.

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