From His Prison Cell, Justice Ayah Paul Abine Preaches Resistance And Says He Is Deprived Of Communication

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Justice Ayah Paul Abine

Justice Ayah Paul Abine who was arrested on January 21st 2017, and who has been refused bail by the Cameroun Government, is becoming more vocal and bold than ever.

Addressing his sympathisers and well wishers  from his prison cell, the Most Learned Justice of the Cameroon Judicial System insists He will Never Give up till the End.

"My morale is exceedingly high! I am wholly satisfied that I have fought a good fight; with Integrity, in all honesty, within the Law and in all truth. Onward I march and shall so do till the end; with Inspiration from the Holy Scriptures that 'Whoever Holds on till the end shall be saved". 
The resilient fighter says, in this MUST READ letter.

Without calling  names Justice Ayah Paul Abine,  indicts some 'highly placed guys' for attempting to kill him and eliminate his family. 

Read his address  letter below:
Dear Universal Children of the Most High!

May peace reign supreme in and about you by the grace of the Most High.

It may be news to some of you that Ayah Paul Abine spends his 94th day in captivity this Monday, April 24, 2017. Since his abduction, Ayah dwelt in astounding calm, looking up to the Most High; the sole real judge; for Justice.

But as some of you do know already, Ayah's Yaounde residence came under attack on the night of last Friday at 1 AM. Much as the assailants remain unidentified as of now, events since Ayah's abduction seem to lead to some compelling clues.

Firstly, the list of "TOP GUYS" who plotted Ayah's physical elimination concealed in perforated ''arrest'' has largely been confirmed even by highly unimpeachable circles. And it is hereby asserted that the chief "GUY" - initiator is not in his first sadistic homicide by proxy.

The intriguing question one should hasten to ask is why Ayah Paul Abine is in captivity for upwards of 3 months when other persons not enjoying the protection of ''privileged'' jurisdiction that Ayah does enjoy have been released unconditionally. Does not that alone strongly suggest that Ayah is a hostage? Query!

Again, not only has the government of Cameroon maintained stunning cynical silence about Ayah's official abduction, but there have been conspiratorial machinations to muzzle the press on anything relative to Ayah's captivity: not any less person, national or international. For instance, it is strongly alleged that United Nations Officials have systematically been prevented from meeting Ayah. And the few citizens who have taken up Ayah's case earlier on have now been apparently intimidated into silence or even compromised.

The situation is all the more telling where Ayah is kept in captivity. His captors have been on a war footing since March 6, 2017, on the sole flimsy ground that Ayah had dared to file the prerogative writ of habeas corpus for his immediate release. The guards have since been wearing bullet proof jackets and war helmets, bearing cocked automatic guns and carrying bags stuffed with ammunition.

Again, communication with Ayah has become a serious crime, so much so that Ayah's friend was recently locked up just for greeting Ayah. And it took the services of a lawyer to secure his release.

In the furtherance of his debilitating seclusion in the hope of procuring his psychological breakdown from solitude, Ayah's party members, friends and acquaintances have all been turned away from visiting Ayah in the recent past. The most curious of it all is that Ayah's lawyers have been barred from meeting their client three times in a fortnight, contrary to the law. As it is, Ayah is deprived of even the right of defence.

Additionally, the ministry of Justice which has sat on Ayah's 17 month arrears of salary for three years has continued so to do in spite of an official report on the sorry situation. A malicious plot to handicap Ayah from paying lawyers' brief, or even from buying necessaries such as food.

Universal children of the Most High!
Verily, I tell you that the psychological war is intense and relentless! Just a few more instances to illustrate the point.
Each time Ayah has had to be led out of prison and back, he has been escorted by two military vehicles with at least a dozen gendarmes on board. And the driving has been so utterly lawless, reckless and speedy that even Ayah's bones would be ground into dust in the event of an accident.

As if that was not bad enough, in the furtherance of the initial plot against Ayah, the Ayah Family did receive calls worldwide that Ayah's phone was operational, long after Ayah's captors had seized the phone. It is not difficult to deduce that those captors were giving the impression that I was free so that there would be an arguable case where Ayah was ''mysteriously'' killed.

And one is helped to that conclusion by the fact that some 5 messages (sms) have been circulated that I had been released. The nexus is patent!

As those machinations have failed so far, Ayah is no longer the sole target: it is now the entire Ayah Family as per the attack on the family over the weekend. Coincidence????

Dear Universal Children of the Most High!
My morale is exceedingly high! I am wholly satisfied that I have fought a good fight; with Integrity, in all honesty, within the Law and in all truth. Onward I march and shall so do till the end; with Inspiration from the Holy Scriptures that 'Whoever Holds on till the end shall be saved".

The foregoing story then have I told just so that, just in case it pleases the Most High to let His will be done when He chooses, the government of Cameroon should be estopped from setting up one more fictitious commission of inquiry to probe Ayah's officially organised assassination!

Peace and divine graces be with you all, Universal Children of the Most High! Our God Liveth.....

Warm Greetings!

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