Tassang Wilfred's Recent Controversial Video Backfires And Traps Him

We have been reading with disgust, the sabotaging information from Tassang Wilfred, of how Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo stole their way into being interim leaders of the Consortium, 

Truth is, those brandishing this rubbish are either doing copy and paste without verification, or are just joining the boat, and want to sabotage the struggle, without being part of the genesis, or are just detractors from across the Mungo.

Well, with all evident from some of us who have been in contact with the Consortium leaders before, during and after their arrests and escape for those who were lucky, Barrister Balla and Co including Comrade Tassang, had already been hinted by insiders of LRC working with them, that their days of liberty were over, and that LRC thugs were already on their  door steps.

For those for have memories, it was the same date the government banned SCNC and Consortium, and the same day Internets went off.

Not wanting to leave the people orphans(because every good leader like Barrister Nkongho, always has a vision of what needs to be done in his absence), and owing to the fact that the leaders were not grouped together to jointly sign the Press Release here-attached at those very crucial last minutes, they 'UNANIMOUSLY' communicated and agreed,  that the Management of the Consortium should be transfered to the diaspora, under the management Mark Bareta and Ivo Tapang, who were giving their all into this struggle, and are still selflessly contributing for the success of this struggle.

With all the respect we have for Mr. Tassang, he should not sabotage this duo, who held the consortium strong and tall, when he was on the run. 

Even if Mr. Tassang who was and still remains the Project Coordinator, wants to take over  leadership of the Consortium, it should be in an orthodox manner, with the blessings of the people.

We shouldn't be fighting among ourselves. 

Tassang is lying and he knows that(if and only if he is the one speaking on the so called Skype chat), because Balla signed that particular Press Release with their consent, in anticipation of the troubles that are already on the ground today.

Does this document look fake? Barrister Balla is not death. The fact that he is in jail does not make him inaccessible for confirmation of the aforementioned decision. 

Mr. Tassang should come online live so that the people will believe him. He shouldn't be keeping quiet in his hide out, sending out divisive videos at his pleasure, while detractors are entering the business, sabotaging and taking over peoples' longtime struggles and sacrifices.

Read and judge for yourself.

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