Monique Koumateke - One Year After The Laquintinie Hospital Tragedy, Samuel Eto'o Fils Honours His Promise

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One year has come and gone, since the shocking tragedy of Monique Koumateke, the lady who died pregnant with twins because Doctors refuse to take charge of her, and whose relative took the bold step of using a blade to operate her corpse in an attempt to save the babies, who unfortunately had suffocated in their late mother's womb and died as well.

The tragedy that shocked Cameroon and the world, and which forced medical Doctors to revisit their Hippocratic oaths to save lives first before demanding for money, saw the health system in Cameroon shaking from the roofs to the foundations.

So many parenthesis were underlined among which was the lack of quality medical emergency facilities and reception in health units in Cameroon. These led to fake promises of installing security cameras at the reception of all hospitals, a promise that even Laquintinie has not been able to honour.

It was during that Koumateke's episode of medical negligence of 12 March 2016, that Cameroon's football legend Samuel Eto'o Fils promised a building worth 500 000 000 F CFA(Five Hundred Million Francs) to the Laquintinie hospital, which will be for Pediatric emergencies and reanimation.

Samuel Eto'o promised the Cameroonian people that the said building would be launch in September 2016, but rumours had it that he could not keep to his promise because he was scammed by some people involved in the project. 

This ugly hitch,  halted the project for sometime, and doubting Thomases began wagging their tongue on the credibility in the implementation of the said project.

Meanwhile the Minister of Public  Health Andre Mama Fouda, whom the population was asking to resign following his incompetency and the uncountable mishaps in his area of jurisdiction, pleaded with the goleador to complete the project hastily, and save him from the shame that he was already facing in the eyes of the world.

The former Cameroon 9 Jersey holder too had given himself 100 days to bring the project to limelight, even though the above mentioned twist posed as a stumbling block in the timely realisation.

The construction phase was finally completed and dedicated to his name and his name "Pavillion Samuel Eto'o Fils' but the necessary equipment needed for the completion was still lacking, and the Pichichi was still working underground to see it come to life.

One year after the Koumateke incident and promise, Samuel Eto'o has finally accomplish that which he said he would, and has equipped the 100 square meter building with the most sophisticated delivery tables, hospitable beds and obstetrical equipment to the ward located at the far  North End of the VIP Ward of the Douala Laquintinie hospital.

It is worth noting here that money for this project was raised during a charity gala organised by the legend last year in Milan Italy.

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