Justice Ayah Paul Abine Freed Atlast, But What Minister Laurent Esso Did Will Make You Look For A Rubber Gun

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The story if Justice Ayah's Tuesday verdict as narrated by Akoson Pauline Diale.

Breaking News: Mfoundi High Court Freed AYAH Paul BUT Laurent ESSO Reversed the Judgement.

- The President of the Mfoundi High Court, Joseph Marie 
   Nkeh apologized to AYAH;\

- All those preaching non violence, dialogue etc. All those     
 lying to you that Bar. AGBOR Balla et al could be served 
 justice are WASTING OUR TIME.

My informant and I had not been able to exchange notes since Tuesday. We are taking considerable security measures; so, we could only reconnect today. It's difficult to get trustworthy francophones in the Justice Ministry. This one is more than reliable.

Here is what happened (in point form) last Tuesday that led to an overturn of the Mfoundi High Court ruling:
1. The judges led by the president of the Mfoundi High Court had taken a decision backed by law to free justice Ayah Paul Abine. This news had filtered out over the weekend. Some gendarmerie officers were even seen cleaning AYAH's room and helping him pack his luggage on the morning of Tuesday March 21, 2017. Those who were on night duty of Monday March 20, 2017 bode AYAH farewell since they knew that upon resumption of another 'night shift', they wouldn't meet AYAH;

2. The court session of Tuesday March 21, 2017 had to begin at 11:00 AM prompt. The President of the Mfoundi High Court was already at his office by 10:30 AM. But he received a phone call from Lauarent ESSO, La Republique's Minister of Justice & Keeper of the Seals to report to the Justice Ministry with immediate effect;

3. Laurent ESSO tells the Mfoundi High Court President that the presidency had given him instructions to 'lock up any one trying to destabilise the country'. But the judge responded that AYAH's arguments and those of his lawyers were unbeatable and that it was impossible to legally back up any claims for continuous prison remand. He went ahead to cite that contrary to the law, AYAH was arrested on a Saturday, moreover, that AYAH was arrested without a warrant of arrest, and most importantly, art 629 of the Criminal Procedure code and section 119 (4) of the Penal Code were flagrantly violated. He concluded his arguments by saying that by the day of AYAH's court appearance, the state had not made any formal charges. Laurent ESSO quickly interjected by saying that they 'had made available the charges and that the CameroUn Daily, CameroUn Tribune had it already.
.... at this point, the Mfoundi Hhigh Court premises was tensed. People who had gathered to hear the ruling had become itchy and smelled some fishy game at play. It was already 12:00 noon ... the Mfoundi Court President was no where to be found!

4. The soft debate between ESSO and Justice Joseph Marie Nkeh continued. The high court judge told ESSO that he was getting the CameroUn Tribune report for the first time from him (ESSO) and that newspaper publications were not an official way to serve the courts. It was at this point that the very corrupt Laurent ESSO (pictured on this post -- the man with an occult and demonic outlook) THREATENED Justice Joseph Marie Nkeh that his life and entire career was on the line. ESSO, then handed the justice an already typed out verdict. Joseph Marie Nkeh left Laurent ESSO's office with his tail between his legs en route to the Mfoundi High Court to deliver INJUSTICE to the conscience of the Southern Cameroonian people - HRH Hon. Lord Justice AYAH Paul ABINE;

5. On his way to the court, Joseph Marie Nkeh's wife rang him up and said unidentified men were threatening to take their son from school if she did not call her husband to order. The wife asked the husband what the problem was. The husband opted to spare the long story discussion over the phone so he only just replied that everything was under control and that by the end of the day, all would be ok.
This call certainly frightened the judge to his marrows.

6. The Mfoundi High Court President, Justice Joseph Marie Nkeh arrives the court at 12:45 PM. At about 12:50 PM, the session began. And there he went; reading out what Laurent ESSO had handed over to him. A keen look at the faces of other judges on the bench read bewilderment, confusion and uneasiness. Midway his verdict, some lawyers started walking out in protest;

7. After having read the verdict, Justice Joseph Marie Nkeh walked passed by AYAH Paul ABINE, leaned towards him and said, 'I'm sorry'. AYAH didn't respond.

My Comment: I used the word, 'justice' on Joseph Marie Nkeh's name to differentiate him from any other gentleman who goes by that name because under normal circumstances, he is UNFIT (just like AYAH always tells them) to be a judge. La Republique du CameroUn is a lawless state. Those DREAMING that Justice will be served to Agbor Balla Nkongho and his friends are WASTING THEIR TIME AND DECEIVING the people. We need to start carrying out self defence measures by arresting their colonial administrators and requesting for prisoner swap. We also need to start forcefully sending them out of our territory by the use of force... ONLY then, will the international community come in. That is why, I will, in the hours ahead, officially endorse the Ambazonia Governing Council of doctors Ayaba Cho Lucas and Ebenezer D. M. Akwanga and request all of us who think similarly to massively contribute to their struggle. I'll be back!
Let the whole world see this post. You have your phone, iphone, ipad, computer... with a click on share...you'd have contributed to tell our story to the world. What are you waiting for? Please, share!!!

From a federalist to an 'idependentist'. The Southern Cameroons MUST be free!

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