Hon. Joseph Wirba On The Run For His Safety

As the Anglophone struggle gains momentum with a near success assurance, reports say detractors and supporters are leaving no stone unturn to turn the tides to their favour.

In one of his most recent posts, Franklin Sone Bayen says Hon. Wirba is on the run, for fear of what might happen to him in the upcoming parliamentary session.

Read Franklin's post below:

WIRBAforce HEADING TO US?: there will be no WIRBAforce II when parliament opens in yaounde on monday, march 13. Honorable JOSEPH WIRBA has left the country, sneaking into neighbouring Nigeria, sources have confirmed. Sources believe he is on his way to the united states.

"He was last seen at commercial avenue (the main business district in bamenda) at the start of this week or perhaps earlier," a very reliable source said. "he might have sneaked away, assisted by someone waiting to help him out of the country, unknown to his driver," the source explained.

"His perplexed driver who continued waiting for his boss at commercial avenue, only received a call several hours later when WIRBA was safely across the border and was asked to drive the car home," the source concluded.

Another source said someone looking like WIRBA was spotted at the US embassy in Abuja mid this week. He said that suggested he could be seeking a visa to travel to the united states.

WIRBA's departure comes after that of barrister BOBGA HARMONY MBUTON who fled to the US in january after the arrest of his comrades in the consortium. Two other consortium officials, teacher WILFRED TASSANG and barrister ELIAS EYAMBE EBAI, who have been in hiding, are also believed to have fled the country.

WIRBA, an opposition SDF member of the national assembly from the jakiri special constituency in Bui Division, North West region, became a social media sensation in December 2016 after a video of him speaking bitterness on the floor of the house went viral.

He made bold during parliamentary QUESTION TIME in the November 2016 session lamenting the plight of former southern Cameroonians. he said the anglophones of the north west and south west regions whom he said were treated like slaves and a captured people, would resist domination by the majority Francophones and the Yaounde government.

That earned him the nickname WIRBAFORCE, an adaptation of WILBERFORCE (WììILLIAM WILBERFORCE) a British MP who in the 18th century, advocated an end to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

WIRBA later held a popular rally in kumbo (chief town of his bui division of origin) where he repeated his commitment to the anglophone cause and sought to energize his people to adhere to the ongoing struggle. he also created a facebook account with his new pet-name.

Ahead of a meeting of his SDF party's national executive committee (NEC), some news reports suggested he would be sanctioned for "embarrasing" his parliamentary group with his solo outburst in parliament without their knowledge. That was not to be.

It was expected that WIRBA would be a major attraction at the march 2017 session of parliament which opens on Monday, March 13, the first time parliamentarians would meet since his November surprise.

His fans hoped he would repeat his WIRBAforce performance and perhaps even do more to embarrass the Yaounde government and advance the anglophone cause. That will not be.

It remains unclear why WIRBA fled the country, but there have been hints that his immunity could be lifted to arrest him under the 2014 anti-terrorism law to prosecute him for unspecified charges said to be related to his November WIRBAforce speech.

Rumours made the rounds in January, a few days after justice hon. AYAH PAUL's arrest, that WIRBA had also been arrested. it turned out to be untrue. but when his concerned fans wondered how a serving MP enjoying parliamentary immunity could be arrested, a commentator said, "AYAH, a serving supreme court judge was taken into custody in total disregard of procedure so no arrest is impossible."

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