Francophone Teachers To Go On Strike Come March 27th 2017

Francophone Teachers To Go On Strike Come March 27th 2017 

The francophone teachers trade union leaders held an emergency  meeting in Yaounde on Saturday March 11, following the reply of their grievance letter  from the Minister of Secondary Education, who promised to examine their grievances.

According the final report of the meeting, the first action point was to write a letter to the Prime Minister,  and the Ministers of Secondary Education(MINESEC), Civil Service and Administrative Reforms and Finance(MINFI) on Monday March 13th 2017.

In the letter, the union leaders say they are maintaining their decision to begin an indefinite sit down strike come Monday March 27 2017, while striving to bring forth human and legal reasoning. "We maintain this strike order because our dear MINESEC have abandoned us to ourselves. We want CONCRETE ACTIONS. Unfortunately MINESEC cannot give us what we need. MINESEC does not pay salaries, but its rather MINFI and its Treasury Management". The trade unionist wrote.

To prove their determiniation for the impending strike action, one of the main point on the agenda of their Saturday's meeting was adjusting the organization of the strike action. The striking teachers  are intending to sit infront of the Ministry of Secondary Education, and their colleagues from all over the national territory will be joining them come March 27 2017.

According the Francophone Trade Union Leaders, the MINFI to whom MINESEC had sent their files concerning salaries and arrears of a handful of teachers, has remained mute, which according to them is a provocation and mockery to their demands.

Thus the lords of the chalk and black boards in the Francophone regions say:

a) We are fighting for the payment of salaries and arrears of all 19 000 teachers. 19 862 as communicated by MINESEC, and we also know that less than 1000 were paid in between November 2016 and February 2017.

b) We re fighting for the adjustment of arrears of salaries of the famous 5429 teachers programmed for October 2016

c) We are fighting for the payment of ALL non-housing bodies as indicated by MINESEC (501) and others.

d) We are fight for the cancellation of 2/3. Pay COMPLETE salaries to teachers. 2/3 today, 1/3 tomorrow, that is taxi money.

e) We are fighting for the automation of the system and the inclusion of allowances in ANTILOPE. Stop asking us files. You already have information about us from our admission into ENS/ENSET.

f) We are fighting for the implementation of the provisions of decree 2012/079 of 09 March 2012, concerning the scheme of decentralization of the management of state personnel and the balance.

We urgently want that these structural problems be resolved. They are the cause of our misery.

Therefore colleagues, MINFI should not think of flattering us with the payment of a handful of salaries.

Let the government organize itself and solve ALL THE ABOVE PROBLEMS. March 27 is tomorrow after all.

'Stop the Pauperization of Teachers'.

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