Chantal Biya's Cousin Renders Many Homeless

The Director General of Budget at the Ministry of Finance Antoine Felix Samba, who is also the cousin of Mrs. Chantal Biya, is being accused of using his family ties with the First Lady to demolish the homes of almost a one hundred people, sending them to the streets without shelter.

Antoine Felix Samba was exposed to the media by Fonke Issa, the Agent from whom the victimized families bought their plots of lands, on a twelve hectare plot at Nkozoa in Yaounde, the Center Region of Cameroon.  

Fonke Issa says Antoine Felix Samba is acting in complicity with the  Minister of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure Jacqueline Koung a BESSIKE, and some people working with the Ministry of Justice, who uses Cameroon as their household property.

"Some of us  acquired plots of land on this site some 5 - 6 years ago. Since the death of the seller Kam Jacques, we are living in total insecurity". Declared Fonke Issa. 

The nightmare of the occupants  of the said site called 'entree champ de tir' situated at Nkozoa in Yaounde started on the 4th of September 2016, at the eve of school resumption, when Antoine Felix Samba sent some heavy drugged muscular men at an ungodly hour to demolish a school and some houses on the site.

"These strong muscle drug addicts were told not to leave any trace of their identity after the demolition. They beat up all those who tried to resist them, break and made away with cellphones of those who were trying to take photos of them and their actions. They told us that were acting on instructions of the cousin of Chantal Biya, the brother in-law of the Head of State, and that nothing will happen to them". Fonke Issa continued.

"When Mr. Samba saw that we were determined and that we had invited the SDO to the site, he said he was going to compensate us, which we were still thinking about. Then yesterday, he came to tell us that the land was requisitioned by the State, and that he was acting on instructions as well". Fonke Issa told the press.

Antoine Felix Samba is already building a wall on the disputed land. 

In a country, where 50% of the population is in court for land issues, with the population taking the streets everyday to manifest their disapproval on how people use the powers and connections to grab lands of the poor and voiceless, Mr. Biya should step in and put a stop, especially when it concerns relatives of his household.

Dozens of families who were occupants of the disputed site are now sleeping in the open air of the streets of Yaounde, and they are crying day and night to Mr. Biya, who is preaching National Unity everyday.

Meanwhile his almighty brother in-law is telling whoever cares to listen, that if Biya goes against his wish, he will take Chantal away from him. What he is insinuating here is that he owns the earth and the sky in Cameroon, and can do whatever he wants with the poor, because his sister Chantal is married to Cameroon's 84 years old dictator.

'Indeed, Antoine Felix Samba, you own Cameroon. But be dancing your last steps of landlordship, as very soon, you will be singing your own songs of distress just like the poor that you have destituted'. Words of Thatcher.

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