Aggrieved Cameroonians In Italy Successfully Disgrace President Biya Despite Tightest Security Video

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Cameroonians in Italy were preparing to give President Paul Biya and his entourage a Remix of the  New York disgraced, but their plans were shattered, as the 84 year old dictator used his Franco Italiano military connection, plus a number of BIR he imported from Cameroon, to foil the big show and discouraged the protesters.

However according to a Facebook user Lyonga La Matute Cbsstpaulnylon, some of them were able to convince the white men, who believed them, and enabled them to get their message through to the Italian people and the world, though they were not able to use their rotten eggs and baskets of tomatoes.

Read his post below:

'Thank you my people am just coming to where am lodging. It was not easy we were not even up to 20 of us but we did our best. The policemen who prevented us in the morning became our guards. We won their confidence when we explained to them the situation with images.

There was a very interesting moment but we were unable to film it cos it took us by surprise. While we were going to our authorised manifestation ground, the convoy of Paul Biya the killer came passing by. We started chasing it shouting killer killer in the Italian language. At a point the traffic was not on his favour we caught up with him shouting killer killer with our images. He was so restless. The population got our message and he knew he was not welcomed. From there the police helped us to our manifestation ground and many people took our emails and promised to write for our plight.

The first videos covered, we had no mega phones because the person who was keeping those we used for the last demonstration did not turn up and we knew only at the last minute. I did not realise the phone was upside down. We later bought two mega phones. 

The battle was more spiritual than physical. Thank God we overcame the discouragement we got. At the demonstration ground though we were few Southern Cameroonians, God provided the audience made of tourists from all nations. In the morning we came in a confrontation with the BIR ( the special force ) brought by Biya from Cameroon. They took us photos but when we confronted them the had to take their distance and only observed us from a distance. The last video now got over 16000 viewers. I never expected that a nobody like me could have such a number of viewers. 

One of our sisters Kady, the Bamileke lady who usually go on air for our struggle, owing to the fact that she got a lot of followers, gave me her password on facebook to use her facebook and report live but I was unable to open it. Yet God did it.
Stay tune we might not go live but we got some underground work we are doing now to give Biya the killer hard times during his stay here. 
Last 15th March the Pope mentioned our plight during his general audience in which our brothers participated in the Vatican. He called on the killer to stop the atrocities. This days I will try to see how we can meet the Pope in a private audience. Good night may God bless you".

Watch the video  below

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