Samuel Eto'o Fils and Gabonese President In A Silent Sexual Retaliation Battle

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The two friends in good old days

Cameroon's Pichichi Samuel Eto'o Fils had a hard time  entering the Gabonese territory during the finals of the just ended African Nations Cup, in which Cameroun emerged 'CHAMPION'.

Reports say the reason for this difficulty entry into a territory that was like a second home to Eto'o  was because he and his long time pal Ali Bongo Ondimba Gabonese President, are in a cold war, after it was alleged that the Goleador had a crush on Ali Bongo's 36 years old daughter Malika Bongo.

Reporting on the story, Gabonese News tabloid 'Business Jeune Magazine' says Eto'o wasn't invited by the Gabonese government to the finals between Cameroon and Egypt, but he used his relationship with FIFA's President Gianni Infantino, to get to Gabon.

However, upon arrival at the airport, together with his friend Gianno Infantino, who was given a heroic welcome, Eto'o on the contrary was blocked by Security who said they had received strict instructions not to allow Eto'o anywhere into the Gaboneses territory.

Calls were made to the Gabonese Minister of Internal Affairs, who said his hands  were tied, and that he too was working under instructions from above. 

Eto'o himself made a direct call to the said Minister, but the answer was still the same, as the Minister directly told Eto'o that he was working with instructions from the Presidency of the Republic of Gabon.

After about 45 minutes of fruitless negotiations, FIFA's President took the bull by the horn, called President Ali Bongo, who after a long hesitation, finally uplifted the ban, but requested that the Immigration Authorities should seize Eto's passport.

The genesis of this tug of war as reported by the tabloid is because of women. Gabonese sources say Eto'o had a relationship with the wife of one of Ali Bongo's Advisers, despite Ali Bongo's opposing it. 

Ali Bongo's 36 years old daughter too also fell for the charms of the football god, who had a crush on her, and had his share of her puddy pie.

Malika Bongo, first daughter of President Ali Bongo, was the former wife of the Benin native Samuel Dosso, former Adviser of Ali Bongo's father, Omar Bongo.

Ever since  President Ali Bongo discovered that Samuel Eto'o used his 9 shirt techniques on his daughter, he has declared him 'Persona Non Grata' to the Gabonese Republic, as Eto's accounts in Libreville have been closed, and the money for a building he acquired while he was still friends with Ali Bongo, refunded back to him.

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