Media Personalities Denounce Government's Manipulation Of The Press, Concerning The Anglophone Crisis

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Medias Personalities Denounce Government's Manipulation Of The Press, Concerning The Anglophone Crisis

  • According to Human Right Organizations, journalists arrested have disappeared, with no accountability of their whereabouts since the start of the anglophone crisis.

The Cameroon Journalists Trade Union on Tuesday February 22 decried the pressure they have from government, to keep their lips sealed, concerning the anglophone crisis.

On Jan 20th 2017, the National Communication Council (NCC) laddered by Veteran Journalist Peter Essoka, threatened to sanction press organs who will diffuse any negative information about the government, concerning the revendications of the minority anglophones.

"The injunction of NCC is an open attempt to influence the media on the treatment of information, which is inacceptable anywhere". Declared Denis Nkwebo, President of the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union, during the Feb. 22 Press Conference. "We have asked journalists to treat issues on federalism and secession only by reporting on opinions about it"

According to Edmond Kamguia, Chief of Political Services at 'Nouvelle Expression' newspaper, the Press Release of the NCC  on 'Political Overtones' is 'DEPLORABLE'. "

"When journalists and the media are asked not talk about federalism of secession, and ordered not to 'DARE' ask questions as well, it is a way of suppressing the Cameroonian press" Declared Mr. Kamguia. "Since a January 1996 law, suppression have been abolished in Cameroon " He added.

Moreover, The Director of the Defenders Network for Human Rights in Central Africa Maximillienne Ngo Mbe pointed the disappearance of ' 25 persons who were abducted' from the anglophone regions of the country. 'We have been asking the Cameroon government to publish their names, whether they are dead or alive, and to tell us their whereabout". Ngo Mbe declared

The crisis in the two anglophone regions of Cameroon have brought an abnormal fear into the Biya's regime, who thought a minority people who make up just 20% of the country's population could not shout and capture the world's attention.

Furthermore, the people of the two regions have been deprived of internet since January 10th 2017, while the government continue to militarize nearly all the towns in the regions, while abducting the young and the old to unknown directions.

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