Game Ex Mistresses Of Samuel Eto'o Fils And Idriss Kameni Naked Themselves Online

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Left Marlene Kameni's ex right end Eto's Ex Nathalie

A war game of ex mistresses of Cameroonian Football stars is turning the Cameroon Francophone community upside down, as the ladies have taken off their cloaks of dignity, to put on a show of shame online, comparing the manhoods of the guys to their body shapes.

We all know Nathalie Koah, Samuel Eto's ex-girl friend of seven years, and all the drama that unfolded after the relationship cracked.

A new drama has emerged between Nathalie Koah, and a certain Marlene Emvoutou, one time aspirant of the Presidential position of FECAFOOT, who is an ex-convict from Kondengui.

Apparently both ladies were doing their street hustles in the days of old, when they slept with men in high places for millions of CFA.

Being in a position of authority at FECAFOOT, Marlene could lure which ever man she desired to satisfy her huge appetite for sex.

It was during that time that she fell into the arms of former Goalkeeper Idriss Kameni Carlos, whom she attributed his physical body build to the reason she emotionally hanged on him. 

Their romance sparked an international scandal, as Kameni was cohabiting or doing 'came we stay' with his present wife, who had kids for him, among which was a coloured baby from an adulterous affair with a white guy.

Defending her infidelity to the world, she attributed her action to her husband's affair with Marlene Emvoutou, and said emotional stress pushed her into the arms the white man. Kameni forgave her, claimed ownership of the baby and later took her to the altar where they officially sealed their union.

Samuel Eto'o on his part had dumped Nathalie, who took to the keyboards and Press houses to lament her misery in her book entitled:"Revenge Porn". 

Nathalie's book was banned from the public by a decision from the French Court of Appeal. Since the case concerned a World's football idol Samuel Eto'o Fils, the attention of the world was focused on the outcome, which automatically made her a center of attraction for the media and detractors of the goleador.

She became the guest of all international media channels, playing the victim of Eto's romantic use and dumped toy. I guess her plans worked, as she succeeded in wooing everyone to her side, playing Marie Magdalene the repentant prostitute in the bible.

Nathalie Koah seem to have actually repented as she became a role model for young girls, whom she kept giving survival tips in situations, thereby making them a part of her online community, where she shared her life with them daily.

From a whore to a saint, Nathalie  became famous with a millions of followers on her platforms including me, and it looks like her bank account too swelled up, with all the attention she had at home and abroad. 

Marlene on the other hand seem not to comfortably digest Nathalie's personal transformation, her new found public fame, and her numerous jettings all over the world, coupled to the fact that Nathalie in her transformative phase, got pregnant and delivered a lovely baby girl she named Beverly Nayla.

Out of the blues, Marlene stepped on Nathalie's toes (eventhough they seem to have been on each other's throat for long), and Nathalie did not find it funny, especially as it had to do with daughter.

The two former top class trollops or 'Wakas' as they are called in local language began vomiting everything rotten about their dirty street hawking days.

In reaction to one of Marlene's attacks to Mme Beyala, an author and friend of  Nathalie, she took to the defense of her attacked friend, settling scores with Marlene, accusing Marlene of seducing Eto'o etc.. Read excerpts of her nasty scripts about Marlene Emvoutou.

" She told Mme Beyala that 'sleeping with drucker does not give you either an academic diploma, nor intellectual convictions', but she is proud to have undressed a Head of State(The son of Obiang) and handled Kameni(who dumped her in the most discreet way, and that is where her hatred for the Bamilekes started) all of them married men. What a portion of consolation!".

"She calls me a prostitute, whereas during a chat, she once said, 'I was having sex only with millionaires and I was paid with houses, and not with handbags' ahahah".

"She calls my daughter a bastard, whereas she is a  recidivist in this: 4 kids, 4 fathers".

Hello people, Marlene too is a no nonsense scarlet woman, and she replied Nathalie tic-tac, as seen in this excerpt from her own indecorous script online about Nathalie.

"Helene Seraphine K. You decided to leave the streets to come and play on the carpet of knowledge. I am afraid that our spectators will watch an unfair fight. I will prefer that we handle this hands down to earth, like djoumbas(side chicks) of the Indomitable Lions. I was dumped with kids. Have you seen me writing novels? Because I know a real woman does not cry in public. Camair-Co is waiting for your BEPC(equivalent to O/Level). You want to start correcting the errors of a Doctor who teaches teachers of Form Four Students." 

"I don't even know what makes you think for once that I have ever dreamed of having sex with Samuel Eto'o. I saw him naked in the dressing room of the Malabo stadium during a match that I was organising for my foundation. You and I  know that at that level(size of his manhood|) nature was a bit unfair to him".(lol women)

"Have you seen the  height and arms of Kameni?. I will leave the rest to your imagination". (hahahahahah ouais waka woman them). That is the only thing(sexually muscular men) that can hook us the Bulu girls to a man".

"Materially, you dated him for 7 years, and  how were you looking when he left you?. Did you look like a millionaire's girl friend? For once in your life, be honest".

"I will never cite my ex lovers because I have a man who loves me and whom I respect. But those who still have brains will see that all the men you cited are virtuous and wealthy. What has become of Frederic Bwemba?"

"The professional player that you cited knew me when I was 16 years. I was a student of Lycee Leclerc and we were still young.  I have never presented myself as the Mistress or ex mistress of...... I am Marlene Emvoutou. I will never be a coat carrier of a man like you were. You said you can never beg a man, but the passage of 'revenge porn' that I portrayed says the opposite. Miss Pathological liar".

"You are contradicting what is written in your 'memoire' of a former luxurious prostitute...."

Hahahaha iyoiyo, Chaii! What these ladies forget is the fact that the men whose rods they are talking about in their show of shame, are married men who have moved on with their lives.

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