Justice Ayah Paul Abine and the English Cameroon Authority - What is your take?

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Hon. Justice Ayah Paul Abine

I have been keenly observing people's reactions towards Hon. Justice Ayah Paul's newly created 'English Cameroon Authority'(ECA) with interest, and I think it is time we talk about it.

On January 8th 2017, in his continuous effort to give the current anglophone struggles a stronghold, Hon. Justice Ayah Paul Abine, former CPDM member of Parliament, present Advocate General at the Cameroon Supreme Court and Chairman of the People's Action Party(PAP), brought a proposal on the creation of an English Cameroon Authority Board, which he says will serve as a back-up for the young CONSORTIUM and other Anglophone Groups involved in the struggles.

Regrouping political, religious, youths and civil society leaders, Ayah Paul who is one of Executive Officers of the group says the final decision of the birth of this group is the brain child of his long struggle to unite the different Anglophone groups involved in the struggle both home and abroad, to fall on the same page as history unfolds.  Ayah Paul also clarified that consultations were made with groups and individuals on this, before he brought it to the public.

The decision that has so far received 594 contradictory comments from different individuals, has had its own fair share of harsh YES or NO.

Some questioned the absent of prominent fighters like Hon. Wirba and Dr. Fomunyo, but Justice Ayah without citing names say most prominent individuals were consulted, but refused to be part of the group.

Others say the CONSORTIUM needs no back-up for now, calling on political leaders on the list to stay far off CONSORTIUM'S track, for fear that a political party might tomorrow dominate and derail the genuineness of the CONSORTIUM to bring in distractions.

In a letter addressed to Dr. Nkongho Agbor, President of the CONSORTIUM on Monday January 9th 2016, Justice Ayah Paul stressed out the importance of the CONSORTIUM to collaborate with the ECA, justifying that brave forces like Mola Njoh Litumbe, Fon Gorgi Dinka and many others should not be undermined in this struggle.

Majority of the community thinks CONSORTIUM needs a parental back-up, and thus endorses Ayah Paul's proposal. 

What about you, do you think this Board is necessary?
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