Chief Colonial Master himself Paul Biya to visit the mountain of Ni John Fru Ndi and its EXTREMISTS

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'If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain'. This is exactly the situation Muhammad Biya finds himself in, because Bamenda has become the toughest mountain for him to climb.

After his emissaries to Bamenda returned to him with NEGATIVE results of their inability to bribe and corrupt the people, Biya's eyes opened wide, as he acknowledge that time has come for his slaves to depart from his household.

In-house news from Yaounde is confirming that the Almighty President of Cameroon Paul Biya, will fly to the Bamenda Mountain on Thursday January 12, to personally meet with the people, who according to his Dec. 31st speech are "A GROUP OF MANIPULATORS AND EXPLOITED EXTREMIST RIOTERS"

Mr. Biya's fears are attributed to the 110% success of yesterday's GHOST TOWN in all the English Speaking Regions, the Refusal of Teachers to go back to the classrooms that they have boycotted for close to two months now and the absence of Common Law Lawyers in Anglophone Courts.

When Tassang Wilfred said,"by Monday we shall know who rules Southern Cameroon", many laughed and mocked. But when reality proved him RIGHT, panic filled Quartier Generale, until the Captain General himself is planning a field trip to humble himself to the people's requests.

Again, when the teachers trade union leaders said the issue was no longer teachers and lawyers problems, but a general anglophone problem, the Colonial Masters laughed and wined at that, raising their wine filled glasses, toasting against the legitimate grievances of a marginalized people.

Before now, the complains of the anglophone teachers and lawyers had longed been sent for the attention of the deciding powers in Yaounde, but as usual, since the anglophones are second class citizens, their complains were carelessly  archived in one of the many dark cupboards where only ghosts enters in the ministries, as the officials continued life in luxury at the expense of those in tears.

The Common Law lawyers, haven run out of patience, decided to peacefully go to the streets so that the world could hear them and see what they were going through in their own Father's land. 

Yaounde sent their thugs, who molested them, dragged them on the streets like common thieves, seized their robes and wigs, and even arrested some. 'How can those who defend citizens be stripped off their legacies like common criminals?'. 

The echoes of that inhuman treatment did not mean a thing to the absentee landlord Mr. Biya,  who as usual was enjoying himself with a bench of soul sold individuals venerating him as their god.

When the teachers joined the lawyers, classes were suspended, and to make matters worst, unarmed students of the University of Buea who were legitimately revendicating their rights, were brutalised on their own campus, after their traitress Vice Chancellor called military forces to the campus.

We all know how students were raped, dragged in mud, and how Biya's thugs broke into students residential areas, looted their properties after beating the living day light out of them, dealing with them to their satisfaction.

All these things happened, and Mr. Biya aware, stayed silent, sending his  controversial media man Tchiroma to verbally provoke the situation.

Then the Bamenda/Kumba incident that crowned the whole episode of the ongoing rage, where some rioting youths were killed by war bullets, tear gas used to disperse the population that medically affected and handicapped them, while others were arrested and transported to the Yaounde Kondengui Prison. 'Were the prisons in Bamenda and Kumba  not spacious enough to have  accommodated them'.

All these unfortunate and intentionally government provoked incidents, culminated to  the already existing anglophone grievances, and gave birth to what is happening today.

If President Biya had the anglophones at heart, he would have addressed these issues long before it got out of hand. Now that things have escalated to another level, what is coming to Bamenda to do?

Is he coming to turn back the hands of time? Will his presence bring back the dead to their families? 

What about the lawyers that were dragged on the streets like criminals? Will he order those who molested them to face justice?

And the University students who are still psychologically traumatized? Will he be able to compensate their mental lost?.

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