Are We Going To Betray Barrister Agbor Balla and Co? Where are the Hundreds Abducted So Far? - We Must Not Betray Them Now

Dear Southern Cameroonians,

It is with deep concern for our brothers in distress that I write this letter, so that each and everyone of us will sit up and examine his/her conscience.

Where is Barrister Agbor Nkongho? Where is Dr. Fontem Neba? Where is Justice Ayah Paul? Where is Jean Claude Agbortem? Where is Mancho Bibixy and the rest of other Southern Cameroonians who are arrested without warrants?.

Are you able to sleep at night knowing that because of you and me, they are sleeping on bare floors in air tight rooms? Are you going to dine and wine with the enemy, betraying the people who genuinely stood up for us all ? How many times have you prayed for their families spending sleepless nights in pains? What if it were your husband, son, brother or friend who was involved?. 

We all await the 1st of February 2017, when Barrister Agbor Balla, Dr. Fontem Neba and others including Mancho Bibixy, will appear in the slaughter house of the military court of Yaounde, to begin trial for crimes(as the government calls it) they committed to free us from the 55 years of bondage, that we have been living in, under the lordship of the Pharaoh of Cameroun President Paul Biya.

It all started on Oct. 11 2016, when the Common Law Lawyers, haven waited patiently for years for the reply of their grievances tabled to the government, decided to hold a four days sit down strike, thinking that their absences in the courtrooms of the North West and South West Regions, will make the government call them to dialogue.

The four days passed, and what they received was further provocations from the government, which pushed them to peacefully walk our streets, so that the government might come back to its senses and answer them. 

We all know what happened during their peaceful civil disobedience, they were molested, tortured, dragged in the mud like hard criminals, with their identification wears seized.

The helpless population felt insecured, as the people who are to defend  them before the law, had become powerless, helpless and unprotected before that same law.

Tension climbed from all angles in the civil society with critics of government's Incompetency and Bad Faith, highlighted as the Core of the Lawyers problems.

Then the anglophone teachers on their part also ran out of patience, as they too had waited for years for answers to their own grievances, that never came, and so they decided on Nov 21st 2016, to withdraw from their classrooms, calling on parents to keep their children at home, until the government gave heed to the calls of distress.

The youths seeing how their poor parents had laboured to educate them and how they had come back with certificates and are still liabilities to their parents, stood up as the occasion presented itself. 

They  saw  how miserable their lives had become due to lack of employment that sent most them to undesired professions like bike riding, hawking, trench digging, farming etc. and took to the streets.

Others have been forced to go abroad in search for greener pastures, while involving themselves in fast cash schemes like drug pushing, money laundry etc..

Meanwhile others who do not have other farming possibilities have turned to hit and run guys, as they watch their opportunities go to the benefit of their Francophone brothers and sisters.

Most of them who travel to job fertile soils like Douala and Yaounde, are discriminated because of their english backgrounds. Some are forced to sing the national anthem in French, while they are being mocked by their recruiters.

Companies in the anglophone regions are managed by the same incompetent people who own Cameroun. 

Professional schools in the English speaking regions are populated by the same people who rule the country, and if they are fortunate to be recruited, they eat the crumbs of bread from the tables of their colonial masters, who pocket hundred of thousands to millions of F CFA as monthly salaries, while they are made to do the toughest jobs for  just a couple of thousand francs for them to continue in misery.

As the saying goes "if the clouds are full,  they send down rain', so the sufferings of the anglophones had become unbearable at all levels, and so the youths took to the streets to cry and ask the world what their crimes were in their own father's land. 

Their protest was greeted with bullets, tear gases, water spray, by heavily armed men, who treated them as though they were fighting an enemy in a war front.

Then the ugliest episode of the University of Buea students, who  on Nov. 28th 2016, genuinely protested on campus for their allowances, that the administrative authorities were already gambling with. 

Thousands of troops were deployed to the campus, and they went as far as entering the students residential quarters, where they rapped, molested, made away with their monies and properties, beat and abandoned peoples children in their own pool of blood.

All these series of events happened, and the Head of Government Prime Minister Philemon Yang created an ad hoc committee to examine and handle the teachers grievance. 

That same week, President Biya signed a decree for the recruitment of 1000 bilingual teachers, and the disbursement of  2 000 000 000 F CFA as subvention to private and lay private institutions, all around the country.

The lawyers, teachers and the civil society met, and created the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society CONSORTIUM, whose objective was to advocate for both stakeholders with the government.

This organization was welcomed by the anglophone community, under the leadership of Barrister Agbor Felix Nkongho, Dr. Fontem Neba, Prof. Tassang Wilfred, and backed up by other groups who worked hand in hand to to see if they could provide lasting solutions to the general anglophone grievances.

The government created dialogue committees, spiced with the special ingredient of bribery, which the CONSORTIUM guy's rejected for you, for me, and for our children's future.

If they had collected the millions they were proposed during dialogues, they would have manipulated us all as the government wanted, and made themselves richer. But they denied themselves temporal wealth. They saw that not collecting bribe from the government would help us all today, tomorrow and forever.

They were on the highways at midnights for you and me. They spent from their pockets so that we too like our francophone brothers and sisters can also hold prestigious positions. They attended late night meetings, risked their safety, left their families in the cold, and sometimes were taken hostage, as they refused to validate the wrong.

Government begged them on bended knees, and even made fallacious promises, that they rejected. Government began reasoning with them, and saw why the entire anglophone community was mourning. They validated some points that Consortium  tabled, and promised to resume dialogue.

Then all of sudden, the government declares Consortium illegal, and bans its activities. As if that was not enough, they arrested Barrister Agbor and Dr. Fontem, feried them overnight to Yaounde without explanations, thinking they will intimidate the community to stop the strike actions.

Parents got more furious, youths became more determined, as government officials from Yaounde went to their people at the grass level, using all crooked means to arm twist the strike and force teachers and students back to school, by sending tons of armed military men to guards the sentry of school gates and towns.

The people resisted the more, and their resistance led to continuous arrest of both parents, teachers and youths, who are whisked off to unknown destinations.

Mancho Bibixy was arrested in the privacy of his bedroom, at an ungodly hour, and then the biggest bomb blasted, as Justice Ayah Paul of the Supreme Court too was forcefully arrested and taken to prison.

People of Southern Cameroon, if today we decide to call off this strike, the government will accuse our arrested leaders of being the master planners of  everything, and they will nail them for wanting to bring us out of bondage. We cannot let them down now.

Dear Southern Cameroonians, their punishments goes as far as death. Their blood will be on our heads and our generations to come, should we abandon or betray them now.

If Agbor Balla, Dr. Fontem, Mancho, Agbortem, Justice Ayah and the others in custody were from your household, will you be happy to allow their struggle go in vain.

It is either now or never, and whoever will collect bribe, undermining the pains of the families of those in detention, should know that the Heavens are watching.

They are where they are because of you and me. It is our duty to make their dreams come true. It is our duty to continue from where they stopped, because even in the dungeon where they are, they have not given up, and their strength should be our motivating factor.

Now more than ever, we must remain united and decided,


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