Can Confession Liberate You? - True Confession Story One - Man rapes 14 years old niece, and only confessed it on his dying day 14 years after

One of the many definitions in the Oxford Online Dictionaries defines Confession as 'an acknowledgement that one has done something about which one is ashamed or embarrassed'.

Many of us block our ways of life with hidden crimes and dark secrets, thinking because no one knows about it, the universe will not hold it against us.

This is a true live story, but the real names of the personalities have been changed for safety reasons.

Mr. Ayuk John aged 60 years, former teacher with one of the Catholic mission secondary schools in Buea, recently died of relief after confessing a crime/sin he committed fourteen years ago.

Haven suffered for more than eight years from an undiagnosed disease, he finally decided to free himself from the grip of pains and enter into eternity peacefully.

Being the first born in a family of three, Uncle Ayuk's(as we will call him) father made him successor before his death. 

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Can Confession Liberate  - True Confession Story One

Years after his father died, his direct follower Besong Eyong too died, living his wife and  daughter, under his care.

Late Besong's wife Clara Ebai traveled to Gabon for greener pastures, leaving behind her daughter Ophelia with Uncle Ayuk, who had become her father due to circumstances.

Ophelia grew up with Uncle Ayuk's children and treated her like his own without discrimination or favouritism.

Years passed and it was one big happy family until Ophelia mysteriously got pregnant at the age of 14. All attempts to make her denounce the culprit of her pregnancy proved futile, because according to her, she had never ever slept with a man which was true.

People mocked her and some even said the Holy Ghost had performed another wonder by impregnating another virgin, because though the doctors said she had sex, she refused that she had never had sex, and argued she was still a virgin.

Ophelia was dismissed from  Saker Baptist College Limbe, where she was in Form Three when this unfortunate incident happened.

Her mother came from Gabon, took her after uncle Ayuk and wife Edith humiliated and sent her out of their house, calling her a pregnant virgin, and saying that she had rubbed their family name in the mud.

Months later, Ophelia died during delivery, because the trauma of all she went through during her pregnant was too heavy for her little shoulder.

She delivered a baby boy who is now grown up and is in St. Joseph's College Sasse Buea Form Four.

Clara mourned her daughter for years and still mourns her till date.

Years passed, and Uncle Ayuk developed some strange sores all over his body. All medical attempts to rescue him failed, as no medical doctor home or abroad could diagnose the cause of such a mysterious illness. He sold his cocoa farm, sold all the inheritance his late father and brother left, just to get back to health, but the more he sought solutions, the worst his condition grew.

Countless men of God prayed and fasted for him, but the more they prayed, the more critical he became. Some men of God saw visions of him hiding something, and asked him to confess in order to free himself, but he refused and said hat he was not keeping any dark secret.

His body started decaying, while he was alive and his wife Edith abandoned him, because according to her she was tired of taking care of him.

His last son Mbi who has the age of late Ophelia's son and a kind relative were the ones caring for him.

On the 13th of November, Uncle Ayuk invited all his children, his estranged wife, Clara and Ophelia's son Tabot, that he had a dying wish to make and requested that they take him to Ophelia's graveside.

Uncle Ayuk whose flesh was already falling off was wrapped in a plastic paper, placed on a ceiling board, and put in a two wheeled truck, that pushed him to Ophelia's graveside.

At the grave surprisingly, Uncle Ayuk's faint voice became clear and loud as he cried and asked for forgiveness from God and his family members, before dropping a bomb, whose blast would be felt for all eternity.

He made a true confession. He said he was the father to Ophelia's son. He confessed that on the 3rd of April 2001, the late Ophelia was sent home from school due to a malaria attack. He took her to the hospital, bought all the prescribed drugs and brought her home. By evening, she was feeling better and went to bed early.

At 11:00 p.m, he went into her room to check on her, but when he got there, she was deeply asleep. He saw her young innocent clean tights carelessly flung opened, and saw her pubic hairs as they cropped well in place. He said for some reason the teenage girl was completely naked (she might have taken off her cloths after taking the drugs, that made her sweat).

When he saw her, he was tempted to touch her. He tried to caress her legs, but she turned and opened them more widely while still deeply asleep.

Uncle Ayuk said he himself sweated, and dashed out of the room, but came back some minutes later with a drugged liquid, that he gently opened her mouth and put it inside. This made her slept deeper, and so he forced his already wild erected manhood into the poor girl, who did not even shake while he was in the act.

The poor girl who had just matured some few months before that day, got up in he morning, and discovered some watery liquid and blood on her, but was told by Edith(Uncle Ayuk's wife) that it was because she had ripened to womanhood, and her entire body was changing.

A few days later, she went back to school ignorant of what had happened, but with severe pains and bruises in her vagina.

Two months later she was discovered pregnant and expelled from school, and when she got home, her uncle and wife too sent her packing and that was when her mother Clara came and took her until her death.

After uncle Ayuk finished his confession, he begged for forgiveness again, breathed his last and finally gave up the ghost.

Then and there, a hole was dug and his body thrown inside.

Who knows, maybe if he had confessed long before now, he would have saved himself the pains he went through, because even death refused to accept him with that  dark secret buried in his belly, and death only accepted him after he had free his conscience.

What are you hiding that will hunt you?. Say it and free yourself from the Uncle Ayuk's phenomenon.

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