Anglophone Issues - Is Kah Wallah with and for us or against us?

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Edith Kah Wallah - President of the CPP

I came across this chat between the Cameroon's People Party's iron lady and one inquisitive intelligent young man, who bold up courage to talk with CPP's President Edith Kah Walla, about negative posts on her stance concerning the anglophone problems.

From what I reasoned out, Kah Wallah's point of view, is different from other opposition parties, especially those in the anglophone regions, because while they are fighting for secession, independence or federalism, Kah Wallah believes Cameroon is better undivided, with her only problem being that of dethroning the present regime.

Read carefully and analyse.

Kah Walla
Chat conversation start

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10 November 13:30
675 780 407. My names are Asambang Clarence Chia and it will be an honor to join you party

Sat 10:38
can you come onto the Facebook page. We love you Bamenda and maybe defend your position on what the guys are thinking?

Hello Clarence, thank you so much for your concern for our country and myself. I cannot join the page as I am on a fan page that does not allow it. I have however used another computer to see what is being said.

I have made a video that I hope clarifies my position. Please do post it to that page. Many anglophones will still not be in agreement with me as I do not believe in secession. It is popular at this moment to take that stance even though no one has truly thought about and what it implies. I am not a populist.

Here is what I wrote to another concerned party member:
I am not a leader who waivers with public opinion, even when it is that of my own people. I do not believe in secession and will not lie about it.

I do not believe there are "good" anglophones and "bad" francophones. I do believe anglophones as a people are marginalized and have been misled since 1961. This was due to a regime and not due to "francophones". That regime has from its beginning included anglophones within it and up till today. 

Many. many individual anglophones work to oppress anglophones as a people. Many francophones believe that anglophones as a people have been marginalized and discriminated against and that this wrong should be righted.
Bamenda people are some of the most extraordinary in the world. Their spirit, their vision, their ability to stand up for their rights. This does not make them perfect or correct on every issue.
I am certain my current position which is simply that we must fight together (anglophones and francophones) for our country and against this regime, so that we can reach a place where we can decide our future together as a people, is not the most popular one amongst anglophones. 

I believe all should participate in this discussion: secessionists, federalists, those who believe in a decentralized state and those who believe in a strong central state. All of them are Cameroonians. The fact that this position is not popular at the moment does not worry me at all. Emotion whips the people into action, but it is reason that rules the nation.

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