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House Speaker Cavaye Yeguie Maurice alias Djibril

If you are just joining us on 'Cavaye Yeguie Djibril Scripted' by Boris Bertolt, please read House Speaker Cavaye Yeguie Djibril the Barfly and wino to make sure you don't miss a drop of this juicy juice.

Today Boris Berolt takes us into the National Assembly, where Cavaye is the Alpha and Omega since 1992, and where he has saturated the glass house with illiterates from his lineage. 

It is no news to us that Cavaye will step down from that majestic throne at the glass house of Ngoa Ekele, only when his godfather too will be bidding farewell to his Etoudi kingdom, which we know is 'till death do us part', and until that happens, Cameroon's National Assembly will continue to bear the weight of all Cavaye's nepotic atrocities that he does under the cloak of President of the National Assembly(PNA).

Boris' investigations reveals that if you want to maintain your menial job at the glass house, you must stay off Cavaye's track since the National Assembly is Cavaye Yeguie Maurice alias Djibril's empire, where he has put his relatives in all the most strategic positions, starting from his watchdog and all powerful Director of Cabinet Boukar Abdourahim, who is said to be the son of his jazz man or marabout. 

The jazz man/marabout is also the PNA's brother, meaning the PNA is the uncle of Boukar. This same Boukar is married to one of Cavaye's daughter, and so he is the nephew and in-law to the PNA. 

After studying Law in Ngaoundere, Boukar got recruited as a staff at the National Assembly. He later became the Personal Assistant to Cavaye then his Special Adviser, and finally his Director of Cabinet.

He is the heart of the National Assembly and is replacing Captain Bouba Simila, Cavaye's former right hand and tribesman,  whom he has thrown inside the dark walls of the Kondengui Prison, accusing him of attempting to kidnap his person(PNA).

Boris further reported that before Captain Bouba fell in Cavaye's bad books, both men had developed a high network of corruption and mafia that went beyond the borders of the National Assembly, reason why Cavaye has been attempting to extinguish life out of Bouba even while he is in jail, for fear Bouba will bring out all the skeletons in his briefcase.

Boris revealed that the PNA's son who is so money minded is rumored to be among those who kidnapped the Canadian nuns and Italian Priests.

The staff of the National Assembly are accusing Boukar Abdourahim for massively recruiting employees without qualifications to work in the National Assembly, among which are many from the Ahala neighbourhood, where Boukar Adourahim owns a large estate with a mansion on it. Boukar is also the President of the Ahala Veteran club. Some people in Ahala pay as much as 3 million Francs to get their sons recruited by Boukar at the National Assembly.

The present Financial Controller of the National Assembly Mahamat is Cavaye's in-law, and he is also handling the position of the Assistant Secretary General. The real owner of this position Victor Yene Essomba is seriously sick and constantly absent, and it is this same Mahamat who validates and control all expenses, that his brother in-law Cavaye initiates, and to whose detriment? - 'Poor Cameroonians'.

Cavaye's first son Marga Ibrahim is the principal subcontractor at the National Assembly who clears all the contracts, submitting double invoices, to get the required billions in to his account for the execution and supply of ghost contracts and services. According to one of his relatives, he spends his time counting the millions he illegally gathers from his father's plantation, Cameroon's National Assembly.

Marga is contrary to his uncle Alhadji Liman the Treasurer and bursar of the National Assembly, who ended his education at the lower sixth, but holds the prestigious cash outlet position of the Treasurer and owns tens of cargo trucks and many commercial and private buildings in Yaounde.

"Imagine that Marga Ibrahim son and contractor, tables a ten million Francs bill of a ghost supply or contract to Mahamat, sister's husband/In-law and Financial Controller who approves and sends the bill to Uncle Alhadji Liman Treasurer for pay out", what a great empire they build daily, weekly, monthly and yearly!. 

Aboubakar Boukar, junior brother of Cavaye is the Fleet Co-coordinator at the National Assembly, who uses the cars how and when he wants, and even leases them at his comfort.

According to Boris, and other confirmed sources, even Cavaye's dog has a managerial position at the National Assembly. But what about the other educated Cameroonians whose poor parents have invested in their education, and who walk under the sun and rain with files from office to office, and are denied jobs because their father, uncle, cousin, nephew or in-law is a nobody in this country?
People accumulate functions, and receive double salaries that can pay ten other people with the opportunity of providing quality services. For 24 years that Cavaye has been heading the National Assembly, what innovation has he brought there? Except for white wash paints that is splashed all over the walls in the name of painting, days before sessions open.

Today, Social Media that is making things easy for people to concentrate and forget their sorrows, you call it "New form of Terrorism". Well Sir, there is God.

Tomorrow we shall be telling you of the sons and daughters of Cavaye  in top administrative offices and Higher Institutions without the required admission requirements. How they got to where they are, only Pa Maurice can tell. Stay tune.

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