Miss Cameroon 2016 Visa Refusal Saga continues - COMICA says Miss Julie CHEUGUEU is one Stubborn Bitch in the history of the House

President of COMICA and Miss Cameroon 2016

The controversies of Miss Cameroon 2016 started during and after the contest, when people criticized how she did not have all it takes to deserve the crown because there were more prettier birds in the race with top qualities than her .

Down the lawn of the crowned princess, Miss Cameroon 2016 Julie Frankline Cheugueu Nguimfack had been sanctioned severally for going against the rules of the house hosting her crown, but she beat them with her extreme stubbornness and pride to finally wear the crown of shame after the US Embassy refused to issue her a visa to participate in the Miss World 2016 contest in the US.

After the President of the Organizing Committee of Miss Came told the media that it was Miss Julie Cheugueu Nguimfack's fault that the embassy denied her visa, the President went official on the Miss Cameroun Officiel Facebook page to expose the gross indiscipline on the part of the queen(Miss 2016), who thinks wearing the crown of beauty is an entry ticket to all doors, even  uninvited.

Well according to the Information Note posted on the page, Miss Cameroon 2016 was already growing beyond the capabilities of her crown, as even the desired courtesy and respect for the Committee was out of her proud agenda. She willingly boycotted important meetings, carried out activities against the rules of COMICA which were her top priorities, and even despised officials of COMICA when called to order.

The note as usual is in French, but HTL have translated it for you our friends, to give you a better understanding of the story.

Information note for the non participation of Miss Cameroon 2016 to the Miss World 2016 finals.

The Organizing Committee of Miss Cameroon, that manages the Elections of Miss Cameroon,  and who also is the unique spokes person of  the Miss World Organizing Committee wishes to shed light on Miss Julie Frankline Cheugueu Nguimfack's  non participation at the Miss World 2016 finals, which will hold in the United States of America come December 2016.

As is the tradition,  Miss Cameroon is designated to represent her country to this prestigious contest, where Miss Julie Frankline Cheugueu Nguimfack was to participate, despite serious irregularities on her part.

From when she was elected Miss Cameroon 2016, Miss Julie radically changed, ignoring all the clauses binding her and COMICA. Never in the history of COMICA has a Miss been called to order for her indiscipline nature and poor behaviour, that landed her four warning letters.

When called for the preparation formalities of the Miss World Final, she once more refused to come as usual, preferring her personal occupation, mainly her sporting walk that she was preparing in Douala with her group of friends called "Let's be the change", an activity which we of COMICA disapproved because it was not compatible with the calendar of all the security events happening in Cameroon. We told her in a loud voice, and due to stubbornness, we notified her through a bailiff.

Miss Julie Cheugueu defied our orders and went ahead with the walk. She had taken upon herself to meet some top officials and companies in Douala without the knowledge of COMICA, as stipulated in our rules and regulations.

Seeing that her personal interest will be at stake in the upcoming Miss World Contest in the US, she came to see us, and like good parents and coaches, we gave her our blessings and support. 

Against all odds, she called us on Monday Nov. 21st 2016, informing us that the US Embasy had refused her an entry visa into the US, saying that she did not provide enough proves that she will return to Cameroon after the competition.

Measuring the gravity of the situation for the image and honour of Cameroon, we called a crisis meeting at COMICA, to see how we could address the situation with the US Embassy. During the meeting, everyone was asked to switch off his or her phone, but the haughty Miss Julie disobeyed the this simple instruction, and walked out on us all, banging the door hard behind her as walked away.

From there, she quickly contacted the Organizing Committee of Miss World, requesting for their assistance, but she was told that the Miss World Committee does not deal with individuals, and that she should get in touch with the organizing committee of her country.

With all these, we saw that the decision of the US Embassy to refuse her a visa was correct, especially as COMICA could no longer tolerate the attitude of Miss Julie Franklin Cheugueu Nguimfack.

Summarily, that is the reason why Miss Julie Cheugueu Nguimfack will not participate in the Miss World 2016 Contest.

NB: Due to all these mishaps, the Miss World Committee withdrew the candidature of Miss Cameroon from the election of Miss World 2016.

For More information, kindly get in touch with COMICA's headquarter. Tel: 677 75 16 56 / 656 37 26 66

Hummmmmm, now that all these haphazardness are culminating to climax, will she be robed off the title?.

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