Cameroon - Politics - Iron Lady Edith Kah Walla urges all to dress in black today Friday to support Common Law Lawyers - #JusticeForAnglophoneCameroon #CameroonLawyersMarch

Kah Walla

Political Transition is the Platform for Sustainable Solutions to the Reunification Crisis. Friday November 11th #WearBlackThisFriday in support of the Common Law lawyers and all non-violent protestors in Cameroon!

On November 8th, Common Law Lawyers in Bamenda were holding a non-violent protest march in Bamenda dressed in their robes to highlight fundamental problems which are impeding the proper exercise of their profession.

– The non-translation of laws and legal documents into English at the time of their publication (Penal Code, OHADA, etc.)
– The appointment of legal personnel (judges, bailiffs, etc.) to the two English-speaking regions who are not proficient in the English language
– Etc.
The lawyers went on to express the general frustration felt by the English-speaking population which has from the time of independence experienced continuous discrimination and been relegated to a secondary class of citizenship.
Their peaceful protest was met with teargas and violence from the police. Once again in Cameroon non-violent protestors were subject to the violence of the State.

The Cameroon People’s Party decries this deployment of State violence against non-violent protestors, more so when these are members of the profession that is meant to uphold justice in our nation.
The CPP believes that the Reunification crisis is real and has been gravely exacerbated under the Biya Regime. Cameroonians who originated from what used to be Southern Cameroons are so frustrated that many envisage the solution of secession. The growth of this secessionist movement is a direct result of the bad governance of the Biya Regime.
The CPP recognizes and acknowledges the depth of this frustration. We, however, appeal to all Cameroonians. Our ancestors fought for freedom and for reunification. Their vision was a united and strong Cameroon. We believe in this vision. Let us not destroy our vision because our nation has been hijacked by a small group of people who have pillaged our country over the last 34 years.
Let us rather join together and create the conditions for #PoliticalTransition in Cameroon. Our country requires this moment when we shall come together and define how we shall live together as citizens, equitably, with full respect for our diversity. Political Transition will enable us to dialogue as a nation on key pillars of our nation and our democracy. The question of reunification is one of these fundamental questions.
We support and encourage not only the Common Law Lawyers but all Cameroonians who agree with the key issues they are raising to continue firmly in non-violent protest.
We urge them to join us at #StandUpForCameroon as we:

1. Wear Black every Friday to demand basic rights for Cameroonians and #PoliticialTransition for Cameroon
2. Bring together the various groups in our society who have been marginalized and discriminated against to demand their rights.
This Friday, November 11th, we will wear black in support of the Common Law Lawyers and all non-violent protestors in Cameroon!
#WearBlackThisFriday #StandUpForCameroon


Kah Walla

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