Cameroon - Politics - Abel Elimby Lobe and the BLACK BAG of 14 Bricks.....The game of the corrupt and the corrupted

In 2007, following the municipal elections, the Social Democratic Front(SDF) decided file an appeal for the cancellation of the election results of the Douala 5 constituency, that was plagued with fraud and irregularities, under the grip of the then all powerful late iron lady Mme Francois Foning of the ruling CPDM party. 

The supreme court handled this dispute, and came out with a verdict in favour of SDF, thereby cancelling the elections. 

A new election was organised, and CPDM won the vast majority, with SDF and UPC entering the municipal council with 14 and 3  Councillors respectively. 
That is how Abel Elimby Lobe became a municipal Councillor for SDF in Douala 5.

A new mayor was to be elected in August 2008, and contrarily against all odds, an opposition erupted among the CPDM members themselves. Late Francoise Foning who was heading the list was contesting with Simo Emmanuel, who too wanted to dominate the Municipal head and wear the crown of mayorship.

His popularity had grown wide and was gaining roots, making Ma Foning tremble in fear, because all signs were clicking favourably at him .

To win Mme Foning, Simo who had successfully seduced the majority of his comrades to his side, just needed the votes of the SDF and UPC Councillors, to carry the throne. Mme Foning saw her treasure box slipping off her fingers and cried for help. 

She touched the summit, and her ever supportive godfather Paul Biya instructed the barons of the CPDM to do the impossible for his much beloved daughter to remain the queen of the Douala 5 Council.

However, a number CPDM tops did not support the National Chairman's instructions, among who was Bayero Fadil (owner of CCC soap company), who saw the poor management of Foning in Wouri East. His brother Mohmadou Fadil was the Mayor of Douala 3 and Mme Foning had successfully put him at the sole of her feet with her ever powerful influence. Bayero Fadil had to do everything to clip her wings and bring her to  grass level.

During that time, there was another political plot in the ruling CPDM party to drag down present Minister of Labour and Social Security, Joseph Owona and also people like Herve Emmanuel Nkom and Bayero Fadil the business mogul. 

In an elaborated strategy, where all the SDF and UPC municipal Councillors were to be corrupted to vote for Simo, the best middle for that transaction was no other person but Abel Elimby Lobe the traitor.

Two days before the election, Ndongo Essomba of the CPDM Political Bureau was urgently dispatched to Douala, to save Foning from drowning in the ocean of defeat. 

Present Minister of Higher Education Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo who was to coordinate the election was following every detail, and tried to use his influence to impose Biya's choice(Late Foning) to the Councillors. 

Meanwhile the whistles of the media were blowing as loud as they could, contesting choice Foning.

On the eve of the election a secret meeting was held in Douala 3, at the Head Office of CCC. The meeting that was schedule for 7 p.m finally began one hour late. Those Present at the meeting were Abel Elimby Lobe of the SDF, Herve Emmanuel Nkom and Bayero Fadil both of the CPDM. The agenda of the meeting was to strategize on how to corrupt the Municipal Councillors of SDF, by giving them 1 000 000 F CFA(One Million Francs) each to vote for Simo Emmanuel. 

Then and there that night, the sum of 14 000 000F CFA(Fourteen Million Francs) was disbursed to Elimby the servant of Special Duties on special assignment of corruption. Elimby went into the meeting with an empty black bag, which served as the transport vessel for the fourteen million. 

He left the meeting venue at 9 p.m with the bag filled, and was accompanied in a Toyota Prado belonging to Herve Emmanuel Nkom. 

Being the special envoy of the corrupted, he was also given a personal envelop as his perdiem(lol), which had nothing to do with his own share of one million.

But the operation crashed completely, when some SDF Councillors like Djeuga Remy refused to collect the money, because according to him, Elimby was not supposed to carry out such operations, and also, the SDF Head Quarters had warned its Councilors not to get involved with the election of a CPDM Mayor.

With all those bottle necks, Late Foning was re-elected Mayor of Douala 5, but did Elimby ever refund that money to the owners? If yes, why did he collect it in the first place?.

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