Cameroon - Politics - 34 years gone and Cameroon is still walking on the glue - 'so what the hell are you celebrating?'.

Today November 6 2016, marks President Paul Biya's 34 years of ascension to power as the Leader of the Cameroonian people. To some, it is a day of great celebration with wining and dining as the order of the day. To some it is an ordinary day like the rest. To some it is supposed to be a national mourning day, while to some it is a day of stock taking and inventory, of how Cameroon was on the 6th of November 1982, and where Cameroon is today 6th November 2016.

The economic records of Cameroon for these 34 years, is not encouraging at all for a government whose  poor public image has been tarnished both locally and internationally. A Government whose transport sector is the worst, and whose health sector is a total nightmare.

"Health for all in the year 2000" was the slogan used used to flatter the Cameroonian people at the dawn of the 21st Century, and 16 years after those fallacious promises, people are dying the more in health units, because of negligence, lack of medication, lack of modern health equipment, lack of qualified medical personnel, and lack of money by the majority of the population which is made up of the poor. Top Authorities are being evacuated in medical aircraft to hospitals abroad, x-raying the poor medical infrastructures of Cameroon.

If Cameroon had good health facilities with functional be evacuated abroad to waste Billions in foreign hospitals that could have helped our economy? 'Go on and celebrate dilapidated medical structures'.

Transport sector has become the most dangerous of all. Look at what happened on Friday Oct. 21st 2016. The incidents of that day will forever remain written in the annals of the history of Cameroon. That fateful day, the two main capital cities of Cameroon, Douala and Yaounde, were brutally separated from each other both by road and rail, and worse of all killing hundreds of poor innocent citizens who got entangled in a web of the incompetent administration of people and events, landing them in untimely graves. Is this what we call the 'NEW DEAL ERA?'.

New Deal Era in the transport Sector of Cameroon, when its lone airline company Camair-Co practically has no aircraft to be proud of. This company is presently being assisted by Boeing to be able to gain grounds. Its only large passenger jet "Le Dja" is always grounded either  for lack of spare parts, or forcefully being seized for unpaid maintenance invoices in foreign countries. 'What a shame'.

When Camwaters came in 2008, after the Cameroon Water Corporation SNEC had failed woefully, Cameroonians began nursing hopes that their misery of portable water will die down for good. But 8 years later, Paul Biya has instructed his government not to renew their contract in 2018, because the Moroccans are being blamed for poor quality of service, and exorbitant water bills. 

Shortages of water here and there, and some areas have spent more than six months without portable water, but yet still pay high bills for water not consumed. At the end of the day, they fetch water from in-hygienic sources, and the consequence is water borne diseases, that leads to more deaths. 'There you are celebrating, when your fellow compatriots are lamenting'.

According to the world Bank, 2 out of 5 Cameroonians have access to electricity, despite the privatization of the then Cameroon Electricity Corporation SONEL in 2001, that was to ameliorate the situation. Aes Sonel  reported in April this year, that they had a total of 1 036 140 subscribers connected in a population of more than 22 million people. 

An investigation carried out on 10 000 Aes Sonel's customers in 2012 revealed that the quality of technical and commercial services provided to final consumers are  inadequate. 'And then you go celebrating darkness in Cameroon?'.

Let's look at the educational sector,  where teachers do not have the opportunity to be trained for what they would be doing in the field. Schools lack modern didactic educational equipment. Newly recruited teachers cannot go to their work station for fear of starvation, because of the government's traditional practices of paying arrears only after more than one year of service. How then do you expect the teachers not to transfer themselves to places where they can make ends meet.

What about the hygiene and Sanitary infrastructures in public schools. How many Government schools have clean toilets for its pupils, students and teachers?

If the educational institutions of Cameroon were of classic standards, would the Head of State and  his Ministers send their children to study abroad? Did late President Ahidjo's child not study here in Cameroon to become a Medical Doctor? How many children of Ministers school in the country?. 'And yet, you are joining the chorus to celebrate poor educational systems, where your own children are victims'.

What about the state of roads? Poor farmers spend their human and financial resources to cultivate on their farms, and yet, when the harvest is ready, there are no roads for them to take the products to the market, result of which is the unnecessary increase of prices on locally cultivated crops. 'Yet you celebrate hunger in Cameroon'.

Everything in Cameroon favours a particular group of people, and when it's time for elections, they use rice, soap, sugar, salt etc.. to flatter the poor, and what happens after the elections?. 'Gone on and celebrate those in high places for a plate of food and a bottle of 33 export'.

Dear Cameroonians, what are we celebrating on the 6th of November? How many Billions of F CFA is being invested for the activities to mark these day? You who drinks and eats shamelessly every November 6 since 1982, what do you drink and eat after  that day? What are you celebrating?

Are you celebrating the fact Cameroon is healthy? Are you celebrating because of selfish purposes? Are you celebrating because you see others celebrating? Are you celebrating the lack of medical and educational infrastructures?  Are you celebrating Monique Koumateke and her twins? Are you celebrating poor roads? Are you celebrating inflation of prices in the local market for home made foodstuff? Are you celebrating what your ancestors wanted for Cameroon?, Or are just celebrating because you want to fill your hungry stomach?. What ever your reason for celebration, 'Happy celebration of your doom'.

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