Cameroon - 'Minister Mebe Ngo'o's is a fraudster, a swindler a power monger' his right man coughs out the truth, says he cannot die alone

Minister Mebe Ngo'o

"I don't want to die alone" is what was reportedly declared by Minister Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o's right hand man, Lieutenant Colonel Ghislain Joel Mboutou Ele the Diplomatic Military guy caught with more than One Billion Francs in France, during his audition with his hierarchy.

Updating the story, Seme Ndzana on his Facebook post said the Lt Colonel made this declarations during a discussion with a Senior Military Officer at the Presidency of the Republic whose name has been withheld for security reasons, after his bail in France.

Seme Ndzana on his post notified readers that: (the Special Investigating Institutions of Cameroon do not let people know their advancement in matters of economic information, technology, internal security, in short in the sectors involving information services as those of well managed and developed countries. They only contact Investigating journalists when they have confessions to make, so that they can use the information they give out secretly to settle their scores with the regime, because as the boat is sinking, each and everyone of them wants to come out clean, by exposing the others).

"I don't want to die alone", was what Lt Colonel Mboutou said,"because I am not the only one who have carried money for Minister Mebe Ngo'o. We are many, Top officers, junior officers, even civilians, were at his service. Many officers and high ranking military men have been transferred to strategic positions in and out of the country to protect Mebe Ngo'o's interest, but when problems arises, he doesn't help anyone. He does nothing, apart from saving his own head, leaving others in difficulties. I am tired of receiving blows on his behalf while he can't defend me".

Lieutenant Mboutou went ahead to cite the names of some other officials serving Mebe Ngo'o. Colonel Emile Abeng Mbozo, who is already implicated in many embezzlement cases from when he was the Chief Medical Doctor  at the Yaounde Military hospital, where he was transferred to the Douala Military hospital, and still continues his embezzlements. As for his mischievous deeds in France, they are endless. 

When asked about what happened with Colonel Abeng in France, Lt. Colonel Mboutou said:
"Colonel Abeng was sent on mission to France with another colonel. They arrived at Cannes where they were to take part in a seminar on medicine. They arrived on different flights, and  their flights landed at different intervals. A service car was given to them for this official mission, but Colonel Abeng who first arrived took the car and disappeared with his wife Chantal Wattat who came from Germany, where she left Cameroon and went to negotiate and sub-contract with a German company, one of Minister Mebe Ngo'o's deals. Using the cover of her name, but working for Mebe Ngo'o she won the contract of airport maintenance in Cameroon, and Colonel Abeng was living a good life, abandoning his other colleagues".

Lt Colonel Mboutou said  he was not  the only one among those whom Mebe Ngo'o used without making efforts to protect. One of his collaborators that he used for a long time is seriously sick and about to die, of what looks like poison, because she knew a lot about Mebe Ngo'o's businesses, but he has abandoned her to her fate.

All those who Mebe Ngo'o puts in high positions must share the budgets they are allocated to manage with him. This clearly explains why the present Minister of Defense is facing difficulties in re-establishing order in the army, due to the degree of destruction caused by Mebe Ngo'o  in his time.

In his conversation with the  Senior Officer, Lt. Mboutou said Minister Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o promises all those he uses that he will become the President of the Republic of Cameroon, that Biya trusts him a lot, and that he is the one and only true successor of Biya.

"If you don't obey him, you will have problems. How far are we going to go with this" Mboutou cried out. 

We also observed the degree of embezzlement of Public funds operated by Mebe Ngo'o, in terms of huge amounts, and to us it is serious. Just the Transport Minister position where he was just nominated, so many embezzlement have been signaled. What about those he committed when he was Minister of Defense, majority of which are in the big contracts of the Cameroonian army, with just a tip of the iceberg of that of the Rear Admiral Jean Pierre Nsola with the contracts for the purchase of arms and military equipment in China, where he is presently.

Minister Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o is a scam trader, a feyman, a swindler, but he is also a power monger, who can be preparing an armed force to take over powers by force in Cameroon, but he can never succeed.

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