Cameroon - The Game Barons of the AFWCON Buses turns the table and plays the RED JOKER - Minister Mebe Ngo'o the sheep in fox skin

Amidst the controversies concerning the African Women Cup of Nation buses ordered by Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o Minister of Transport and Gilbert Tsimi EVOUNA - Government Delegate to the Yaounde City Council, the duos seem to have tied the legs of the Manufacturer and Provider IRMAOS MOTA to publish  a press release, contradicting the Communication Commission spokesman Jean Baptist Biaye of the local organising committee, who publicly declared that 'unknown individuals took upon themselves to hire and paint local buses...'. Turns out to be that they know where those buses came from, and they are set to receive and attribute to each team accordingly.

In English(as translated by HTL), the press release reads:

Under negotiation with the Government of the Republic of Cameroon, our Group EXIMTRANS/IRMAOS MOTA on August 30th 2016 signed a Public Private Partnership contract, with Cameroon being represented by the Minister of Transport and the Government Delegate to the Yaounde Urban Council, on the establishment of an urban massive transport which would have gone operational before, during and after the AFWCON, for a ten year period.

We created created a a project company called 'Societe de Transport et Equipement Collectif de Yaounde' STECY.

However, this project that has already started had a delay in the execution of certain components, basically because of the delay we had in getting access to the site at the former SOCATUR base in Nlongkak, which till Wednesday Nov. 16, 2016 was being occupied by the 'Le Bus' personnel, who are protesting and reclaiming the social rights.

Being a conditioning clause in the contract, the dispatching of the first batch of the buses initially programmed before the start of the AFCON 2016 will only arrive after the event. 

STECY proposed an alternative solution, which was approved by the government that ten  VIP buses from Local agencies: Touristic Express, BUCA Voyage, FINEX and Le Voyageurs should be made available to the Minister of Sports and Physical Education. These buses have been panel-beated and repainted with the colours of the participating countries, at our expense, and are parked in front of the Yaounde City Council Hall, waiting to be handed over to the Minister of Sports and Physical Education and the Communication Commission of the 2016 AFWCON organisation Committee.

The urban mass transport system  was to serve the public independently from the 2016 AFWCON, and  the one hundred and fifty mini-buses stated in the contract, that is fifty by December 2016, and the rest in-between January to June 2017 will be delivered according to the terms of the contract.

 As of now, we have already taken possession of the base at former SOTUC since 16th November 2016, and cleaning work is already ongoing, so as to bring it up to the deserved level. Also, the  calibration of the lines is underway as well as the materialization of the bus stops.

Any other information contrary to this press release is misinforming.

STECY is situated at the former SOTUC base in Nlongkak, and is available to give the public any additional information concerning the execution of this contract binding the government.

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