Cameroon - Boris Bertolt says Speaker of the National Assembly is a Barfly and Wino or better still an ALCOHOLIC

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House Speaker Cavaye Yeguie Djibril

Ever since House Speaker Cavaye Yeguie Djibril declared  war on Social Media in Cameroon  during his Nov. 10 opening speech of the last Parliamentary session of the year, saying "it is a new form of terrorism", Cameroonians have been terrorizing his personality more than ever.

The most recent one of yesterday by French based Cameroonian investigative journalist Boris Bertolt, scripting the man in Cavaye, out of the Glass house, reveals the irresponsibility of the man who thinks he is the holier of the holiest.

In what he Themes "Cavaye Yeguie Djibril: An alchoholic at the Head of the National Assembly (Volume 1)" Boris Bertolt on his Facebook page described the Speaker as a 'Drunkard'.

"In his neighboorhood he is known as a 'DRUNKARD'. At the National Assembly as well as his entourage, the President of the National Assembly(PNA) Cavaye Yeguie Djibril is an alcoholic, who drinks '33 Export, Moet Champagne or whisky'". Boris wrote.

Boris talked about an incident that happened a few years back, when the 76 years old Speaker soaked himself in alcohol, after it was rumored that he was not going to be re-elected as the Head of the glass house at Ngoa Ekele.  But when it was later announced that the Head of State Paul Biya had validated his re-election, the drunken Speaker during his speech was staggering at the stand to the extend that he was Members of Parliament asked him to stop, and his Protocol quickly intervened and rushed him home creating  a national scandal written in the press as well.

Boris reports that Cavaye's real names at birth were 'Cavaye Yeguie Maurice', but he changed his name to Cavaye Yeguie Djibril because he wanted to obtain favours from the Late former President Amadou Ahidjo.

"He cries when confronted with difficult situations". Boris wrote and said when drunk, the Honourable Speaker of the National Assembly of Cameroon carelessly disses 'all the good things he thinks about his Boss  Popol'.

The author of this juiciest story says some months ago, the PNA who is a former worshipper of the 7th Days Adventist Church decided to recruit one of his relatives as 'Mission Head' of the National Assembly. When the file got to the desk of Mme Mendouga, then Director of Co-ordination at the National Assembly, she discovered that the candidate did not have the required qualification for the position and rejected the file, Cavaye came for her. When she tried to explain that the candidate did not have the required qualifications for the job, he publicly told her "Madam, don't you know I can make my dog a master here?".

Once, he was criticized for his nepotic management, he lousily lached out; "when Paul Biya takes decisions at Etoudi does he always consult my opinion?. He decides on what he wants. At the National Assembly, I decide on whatever I want", and that is how he gives strategic positions to his relatives who neither have the certificates nor training for the positions they occupy at the National Assembly which Boris says will one day reads; "WELCOME TO THE CAVAYE's KINGDOM".

While reading through the comments beneath the post of Boris' page, HTL came across a list of Cavaye's relatives who have gone through ENAM since 1996:
  1. MARGA YEGUIE B 1996-1997  - His son 
  2. BOUKAR ABDOURAHIM A 1999-2000 - His nephew 
  3. MAMOUDOU HACHIMI A 2006-2007  - His In-law
  4. ALI BAPPA GARBA YEGUIE A 2007-2008 - His son 
  5. Mme HADIDJA BAGUEYEGUIE épouse BOUKAR ABDOULRAHIM B 2008-2009 - His daughter
  6. YAOUBA YEGUIE A 2008-2009 - His son
  7. Mme FATIMATOU BAKARY épouse TIKIRE YEGUIE B 2007-2008  - His daughter In-law 
  8. Mme FADIMATOU épouse MAMOUDOU YEGUIE A 2007-2008 - His daughter In-law
  9. MOUHAMADOU né le 01-06-1980 à TOKOMBERE A 2010-2011 - His son
  10. MOUSSA YAYA YEGUIE A 2010-2011 - His son
  11. Mme FATIMATOU MAHAMA ZAKE épouse MOUSSA AYA YEGUIE A 2010-2011 - His daughter In-law

Boris Bertolt is the Author of the ever Best Selling Book : "Albatross - L'Avion du President" - Albatross the President's Plane.

Volume 2 of this Juicy Juice is gonna be a bomb. Stay tuned

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