Cameroon - Top SDF Militants fight on LTM's "Talking Point" Live Television Broadcasting Program

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Celestin Djamen and Hon. Jean Michel Nitchel of SDF

Cameroonians last Saturday Oct. 22nd 2016  watched a live show of shame displayed on LTM's "Talking Point" program, by TWO TOP members of the Social democratic Front who washed their dirty linens in the eyes of the whole world.

Debating on the just ended Littoral elections, Celestin Djamen a discontented candidate of the recent one man ballot election that saw Hon Jean Michel Nitcheu re-elected President of the Littoral Regional Bureau of the SDF party said the elections was a total fiasco organised by the Party's hierarchies, but Priscilia Ntamack, Vice President of SDF Douala 5 refuted him saying the party carried out the elections according to their constitution.

At this, both militants transformed LTM's Studio into a 'buyam sellam market'  exposing the dirty little secrets of the party to the extent that the Program Presenter had to request a temporal break to bring Ni John Fru Ndi's children to order.

The program resumed after a 2 minutes reporting on the party's 26th Anniversary activities, but when the curtains reopened, Celestin Djamen could not allow Mme Ntamack to speak, and he kept interrupting her until she too lose control of herself, forgetting that they were on a Live Broadcasting Program, and ran her mouth abusively, declaring the incompetency of Djamen whom she said has never been to the field to see how SDF's activities were being carried out at the grassroots level. She said Djamen's interest of becoming the Littoral Regional President was biased and selfish to satisfy his stupid pride, rather than working for the interest of the people.

Celestin Djamen insulted her as well, on how authorities of the SDF party blocked the elections of Douala 1 because they wanted to cheat.

The Presenter of the program could not bring down the live tension, and so he kept taking breaks off the program for short adverts and reports, in a bid to get his guests behave themselves, but helas, it was deplorable. It was so disheartening to see politicians of such a great party wash their dirty linens in the public.

Many Cameroonians who were watching the show of shame began sending messages to the studio expressing their disappointment in the SDF party, whose own militants are ready to stab each other for selfish reasons.

"When you see them on the streets, you will think they are men of splendid ability, but deep down them, and behind the cloaks that dignifies, they are nothing but rotten eggs that shines outside and stinks inside. I am really disappointed".  One viewer messaged .

"Our parents trusted Ni John Fru Ndi, and entrusted our situation to him, thinking that he and his environment were different from Paul Biya, but now I see that SDF has betrayed Cameroonians, by not working for the people's interest, but are fighting for positions to enrich themselves to the detriment of those who support them. Well, you will pay before the God who made the Heavens and the Earth". Another disgruntled Cameroonian messaged, among many others, who said based on that display of disgrace from the party's authorities, Cameroon is better off with Paul Biya.

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