Cameroon - Politics . Why Edith Kahbang Walla was arested?

Many people have been questioning the motive behind the arrest of CCP's Leader Edith Kahbang Walla, and we just thought we could do a slight briefing on it.

After the train derailment of Friday Oct. 21st 20116, Edith got more furious at the government, exposing their incompetency in the management of the country, and asked Cameroonian to STAND UP more than ever to fight for safety on our roads, in a Press Release of Oct. 22nd 2016.

In the rest of her press release, she was seemingly campaigning for her party, while calling on Cameroonians to join the Cameroon's People Party and protest for a "Political Transition of the Government"

The Press Released ended by inviting Cameroonians to watch out for coming instructions, that will be communicated on the necessary actions that would be taken to protest against Government's irresponsibilities on  the safety and security of Cameroonians.

It is in this light that on Oct. 27th 2016, Mawo Serge, militant of the CPP took to their CPP's Facebook page  in this words: 
"To say that the Biya's government is a failure would be a gross understatement. A president that has no interest in the welfare of his citizens (the recent disastrous train accident is a classic example). I prefer not to state how the minister of communication falsely and shamefully blamed the road collapse and the train disaster on boko haram; worse he claimed that the said boko haram members responsible had been apprehended.
This same Francophone led government of Cameroon has literally ignored the ongoing sit-in strike of the Anglophone lawyers (on which the strike is basically a fight against all forms of assimilation of all Anglophones by the Francophones) and better the lives of more than 5 million of her "citizens". We the CCLL have also since resolved that the strke shall continue indefinitely except and until all our demands are met. These demands are contained in the CCLL conferences 1 & 2 resolutions and in the communiqué calling for this strike. The gist of these resolutions is that:
1. We want a return to the Federal system of government we voted for in the plebiscite of 11th February, 1961. That is two independent nations of equal status having full independence uniting as a Federation of states;
2. We want to have a southern Cameroons National Assembly to enable us make our own laws and other legislation;
3. We want a perfect Common law legal system for Southern Cameroons, ie having her own law school to train lawyers. To nominating and confirming via our own House of Assembly, judges of the lowest to the highest courts, ie including a Southern Cameroons Supreme Court;
4. We want to be able to decide on our educational parth and future which primarily favours technical education;
5. We of course demand the use of English language as the sole working language of Southern Cameroons;
6. We want to manage all our natural resources e.g petroleum, timber etc, and direct FD investment and development; and
7. We want to have the possibility of breaking away from the Union with French Cameroon if it becomes at anytime the wish of the majority of Southern Cameroonians.
We are calling on all Anglophone Cameroonians to stand with us and fight by us to achieve these objective. Together we shall succeed.
The time is now.

If you support the above objective please share this on all social media available to you".

Based on this and the others enumerated in Kah Walla's STAND UP call in her Press Release of Oct. 22nd, CPP converged yesterday Oct. 28 at their Head Office in Yaounde, and that was where the Forces of Law and Order stumped the place brutalized and arrested Edith and some of her militants and took them to the Yaounde 4th District Police Station.

They were later released late in the night following intense pressure from high places.

It should be noted that Cameroons have accusing Edith Kah Walla for taking advantage of the grieving situation in the country to multiply her campaign strategies.

"How does an accident become political even though there was negligence, if they could win parliamentary seat then they could change the system and make safety controls stringent. All this stomach politics" , one angry Cameroonian asked.

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